Program Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the After-School Student Program (ASP), also known as "Homework Club", is to enhance and support the growth of 7th and 8th-grade students enrolled in OCSA through the provision of an affordable, safe, caring, after-school environment.  The program goals are to provide guidance and care, in a quiet environment, for students to complete homework, which acts as an extension of home, school, and community.

Availability and Hours

  • The program is available on all school days except the following dates: October 8th (Middle School Dance), December 16th (End of Semester), January 28th (Middle School Dance), April 15th (Middle School Boomers), June 7th (End of Semester).

  • All 7th and 8th-grade students who are still on campus after their last class must report to the designated After-School Student Program room in Tower 108/110.

  • Hours are Monday through Thursday 3:30-5:30pm and Fridays from 2:30-5:30pm. 

  • All students must be picked up by 5:30pm.

Daily Fee

  • $10.00 daily fee will be charged to a student’s OCard each day that a student attends the program using their student ID number.  For billing purposes, a $10.00 fee is charged for any period of attendance for the day.

  • If a student does not have funds on their OCard and must attend, their account will be debited and funds can be added to their account after attendance.

Financial assistance is available for families who qualify for the National School Lunch Program and have an approved OCSA's Free/Reduced Lunch Program application on file for the current school year.  For more information, visit, or contact Becky Parsons at or 714-560-0900, ext. 5535.

Policies and Procedures

  • A student who is absent from school due to illness may not attend that day.

  • All School-wide Behavior Expectations remain in effect during the program.

  • Students are expected to come prepared with quiet work to complete and not disrupt others. A student whose behavior disrupts the learning environment may be dismissed from the program.

  • Parents or guardians may call Homework Club at 714-560-0900, ext. 6001 to early release their child. 

  • Students who carpool and/or ride the bus/train will be dismissed at 4:45pm as a group and students may be released to attend special on-campus activities as necessary.

For questions about the After-School Student Program (ASP), please contact Jessica Daniel (Coordinator) at, or the ASP teacher during ASP hours at (714) 560-0900 ext. 6001 (please note that this phone is only active during ASP program hours).