OCSA’s textbook list can be found here. Students wishing to purchase a second set of textbooks for home use can check out several web sites where textbooks/e­textbooks can be purchased/rented/traded:

Amazon.com (Buy/Sell)

Chegg.com (Rentals)

Students are responsible for the textbooks assigned to them and are required to pay for books that are damaged, lost, or stolen. Textbook numbers should be recorded immediately in the student planner to ensure that the student returns the correct book at the end of the year. Students should write their full name and school year in the inside front cover of their textbooks. This is the only writing allowed in the textbooks. The charges for textbooks include:

• A fine for damage to the binding/cover

• Full cost of the book for damage to the inside pages

• Full cost to replace the book if lost

Students who have missing books or other property fines will not receive their diploma (seniors) or be able to register for the following school year until all fines are cleared. Textbooks can be checked in/out at the 2nd floor bookroom window. Students are encouraged to cover their books, but may not use adhesive book covers that could damage the cover or tear the text when removed.

Please visit the 2nd floor bookroom if you have questions about textbooks.

Lost/Damaged Textbooks

If you received a letter notifying you that your child lost or damaged one or more textbooks this year you are required to reimburse OCSA for the lost or damaged textbooks. Please refer to the letter for a description of the lost or damaged item(s) and associated fees.

If a lost textbook is found, please return it to the Front Desk at the school so that the fee can be removed from your account. Should a textbook be found after a replacement fee is paid refunds will be issued. Click the button below to pay lost or damaged textbook fees. 

If you have any question, or need and additional information, please contact OCSA Administration at ocsa.administration@ocsarts.net


Student lockers are available for lease each year and are usually obtained during the annual online registration process. Approximately 1,800 lockers are currently available for lease by students. Before the purchase of a locker rental, parents and students must agree with the following responsibilities and regulations for the use of a student locker at OCSA. Adherence to these policies ensures appropriate locker use and helps to safeguard students’ belongings:

1. Locker fees are $60.00 per year.

2. All students must use a school issued combination lock. If students use a non­ OCSA issued locks, their personal lock will be removed, and their locker privileges may be revoked without a refund.

3. The OCSA issued lock must remain on the same locker it was issued for and must be attached and locked when the locker is not in use.

4. OCSA administrators will make all locker assignments. Locker assignments and the lock combination will be provided at On­Campus Registration or when the locker is issued.

5. Lost locks must be replaced with a replacement lock provided by OCSA. The lock replacement fee is $10 and can be paid on MySchoolBucks.

6. Students may NOT share lockers or locker combinations. An exception will be made for attending siblings.

7. All lockers remain the property of the school and may be searched at the discretion of an OCSA administrator.

8. OCSA, its facility, staff, or administration, are not responsible for the damage or theft of locker contents. Students store personal items at their own risk.

9. Any items stored in a locker will be considered the property of the student to whom the locker is assigned.

10.Any student who uses a locker that is not assigned to him/her will be given an Office Referral.

11.All lockers must be cleaned of any food at the end of each week.

12.At the end of each school year, the contents of all lockers must be removed. Any remaining contents will be donated to charity, or discarded.

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Locker Change Request

Students may submit a request for a change of locker location by filling out the Locker Change Request form.  Please know that not all locker change requests will be granted. Click the button below to fill out the Locker Change Request Form

Replacement Student IDs

Replacement IDs may be purchased on MySchoolBucks using the button below. Replacement IDs can be picked up during lunch at the bookroom on the second floor of the Humanities Tower.