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Free/Reduced Price Lunch Program (FRLP)

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Lunch Program

FRLP - Overview

OCSA's policy is to provide free/reduced-price lunches to students of families who are eligible for the National School Lunch Program.  For your child(ren) to receive free/reduced priced benefits from OCSA, you must submit an annual OCSA Free/Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP) application.  The information contained on your FRLP application may be shared with Administrators of other OCSA programs, such as the After-School Student Program, School Registration, Locker Rentals, Parking Permits, and Student Services, for which your family may qualify for free/reduced pricing.

Currently, OCSA has the following free/reduced pricing schedule for families who qualify and have been accepted into the OCSA FRLP program:

FRLP Fee Schedule

Fee Type



Free/Reduced Meal Program [1]

Students must ask for the posted "Daily Special"
to receive a free lunch; Only one FRLP Daily Special
per day per person
is free, any additional items
purchased are charged at full price and
must be paid for at the time of purchase.

See the Daily Special here


$0/Day *


Student Items

Student Activities Discount Card

$15 discount on a Yearbook, plus 
Student can receive the Yearbook at the same time as Seniors.

9th-12th: 10% discount on Tickets for the Homecoming Dance, 
Winter Formal Dance, & Prom Dance.

7th-8th: 20% discount on all Middle School Dance/Event Tickets.

Seniors: 10% Discount on a 2015 Grad Night ticket



Locker Rental - Full Year



Parking Permit - Full Year




Senior Class of 2015 Yearbook Ads

1/4 Page (Color)



1/2 Page (Color)



Full Page (Color)




Yearbook & DVD

With Purchase of Student Activities Discount Card



Without Purchase of Student Activities Discount Card




Yearbook & DVD - Lottery

Lottery Sales - Should you miss your opportunity to purchase a yearbook during Online Registration, or befor the Ordering deadline TBA, a school-wide lottery for a LIMITED NUMBER of yearbooks wil be held.  The total number of available yearbooks will be determined at a later date.


No FRLP Discount


ASP/ Homework Club [1]
Available to 7th & 8th students only;
paid daily at time of usage.


$0/day *


Grad Night 2015 - Senior Class Only
Price all activies and transportation To/From the event, and includes a commemorative Grad Night T-Shirt.






Student Transportation Options - Parent Paid

School Bus – Los Al/Rush Park

Semester Round-Trip



Semester One-Way



Yearly Round-Trip



Yearly One-Way



One-Way Pass - To / From OCHSA
Paid upon usage  / Available at 1st Floor Reception Desk




OCSA Metrolink Shuttle - From/To Santa Ana Station
This pass is issued by OCSA, and used in conjunction with a student discounted Metrolink ticket purchased from Metrolink.

Semester Pass / Round-Trip



Annual Pass / Round-Trip



Semester Pass / One-Way



Annual Pass / One-Way



Other Student Items
Paid upon usage

Official OCSA Transcripts

Electronically Delivered



Mailed via USPS







Grammar Workbooks



Student Exams


AP Exams



SAT/ACT Practice Tests



[1] * Your child's Student ID/fingerprint is use to make purchases for these items/programs; however, to receive or be eligible for free/reduced programs/pricing family's are required to participation in the "OCard" program.  To sign up for an OCard visit

Revised: 1/16/2015



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Free/Reduced Lunch Program Application
This application is required if your family qualifies for the National School Lunch Program and you wish to participate in OCSA's Free/Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP). One application will apply to all students in your family.
Name Owner Date  
FRLP Application - English Version 2015-2016   Rebecca Parsons 1/5/2015 10:41:09 AM    
Application for Free/Reduced Price Lunch for School Year 2015-2016

FRLP Eligibility Chart / FAQ's 2015-2016   Rebecca Parsons 1/5/2015 10:40:43 AM    
Printable version FRLP Eligibility Chart and FAQs for 2015-2016

FRLP Application - Spanish Version 2015-2016   Rebecca Parsons 1/5/2015 10:39:57 AM    
Solicitud de Libre / Precio Reducido Comida para el Año Escolar 2015 - 2016
List has 3 documents on 1 page

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