Emergency Procedures

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Emergency Procedures
What is the Emergency? What is the Signal? What Action do I take?
Fire Intermittent Bell Evacuate

Building Shaking

Intermittent bell

No bell sounds

Duck and cover

Evacuate when intermittent bell sounds

Use best judgment, if bell fails


PA Announcement: "This is a lockdown! This is not a drill!"

Lock down all rooms and keep students away from doors
Loss of Power

Lights shut

Phones / electrical equipment do not work

Elevators do not work

Remain in classroom for further instructions
Classroom Incident (student injury, physical confrontation, etc.) Various actions will indicate a classroom emergency in progress

Call Front Reception Desk: 0002 OR OCSA's Emergency Phone: 714-240-6044


Move students away from the emergency

Evacuation Routes Out of Buildings


Direction to Evacuate the Building

Tech Building Through the exit to the Staff Parking Lot
Symphony Hall Through the nearest exit onto 10th Street
Basement Classrooms Up through the stairwell to the Staff Parking Lot
All 1st Floor Rooms Out through the Main Street Lobby doors
Rooms 209-214 Down the stairwell in the Cafeteria
Tower Rooms ending in 00 - 04 Stairs next to the elevator
Tower Rooms ending in 05 - 07 Stairs into the Staff Parking Lot
Annex Rooms 1 - 6 Through the Main Street Emergency Exit
Annex Rooms 7 - 20 Through the Annex exits into the Staff Parking Lot
Evacuation Groups

Evacuation Groups

Group One (1) Group Two (2)
Tech Building Sixth Floor (after 7th floor)
Symphony Hall Fifth Floor (after 6th)
First Floor Fourth Floor (after 5th)
Second Floor  
Third Floor  
Seventh Floor  

Evacuation Accountabilities - Faculty & Staff

  1. Have all students and guests leave the room calmly.
    1. Group 1: Evacuate the building immediately on your designated route and proceed onto 10th Street.
    2. Group 2: Proceed immediately to your floor's "refuge area" and wait for the floor(s) above you to evacuate. Follow your designated evacuation route listed above.
  2. Bring your Emergency Accountability Form, Attendance Roster, and classroom keys.
  3. Each refuge area needs to designate a Lead Teacher and a Sweep Teacher to escort students down the stairs.
  4. Once you have arrived at your designated location on 10th Street, complete the Emergency Accountability Form and have all students sit down in line. 

Click here for a 10th Street Staging Map