About the Popular Music Conservatory

The Popular Music Conservatory is a commercial and contemporary music program that provides talented and passionate students with a nurturing and empowering environment, promoting musical creativity, musical collaboration, and innovation within the popular music industry. Students learn the art of music performance, music production, arranging, and songwriting through a detailed curriculum enhanced by state-of-the-art technology.  

Student Experience

In the Popular Music Conservatory, students are immersed in a challenging environment where they learn to work individually, as well as in band situations. Each year, they take a class in each of five focus areas: primary instrument, secondary instrument, music theory, performance, and music tech/recording. The unique facilities that the program gives students access to allows for a broad but refined curriculum that covers theory, history of rock and roll, basic instrument and voice training, studio skills, and rock ensemble. Students are exposed to renowned guest artists, university faculty, and industry leaders, who visit the school’s campus to share their expertise and creativity through residencies, master classes, lectures, performances, presentations, and hands-on training. In this environment, students are given the skillsets and knowledge necessary to create and produce thoughtful and technically sound music with the freedom to find their own creative voice - whether it be playing an instrument, working the soundboard, or singing lead for a band.

  • “The dedicated faculty and passionate students created an environment in which I could organically grow as an artist, giving me the confidence to pursue music at the next level.”
    Caitlin Murphy – Class of 2015
  • “The teachers are amazing! They have real-world experience and care for everyone. They always give us tricks of the trade, which is helping us become better musicians.”
    Victoria McDermott – Class of 2016

Preparing Students for the Future

Popular Music Conservatory faculty focuses on preparing students for the realities of life and work as a creative individual in a world of commercial and popular music. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to attend a four-year university or an arts conservatory program, and to pursue a career in the music industry. 

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