About The Arts & Enterprise Conservatory

The Arts & Enterprise Conservatory is a multidisciplinary program that offers students an opportunity to explore a variety of foundational art disciplines and a broad introduction across creative industries. This conservatory provides students who have various levels of arts experience with the exposure and insight to become artists and entrepreneurs. In addition to foundational courses in theatre and fine and media arts, students in the Arts & Enterprise Conservatory have the opportunity to take specialized courses to learn about fields such as entrepreneurship, arts management, business of the arts, and more. Students also participate in classes and community engagement projects, developing and nurturing the skills necessary to be successful in career paths in the arts and beyond.

Student Experience

During middle school, students in the Arts & Enterprise Conservatory expand their learning and skills in the foundational art disciplines. Throughout high school, students receive a unique perspective on the extensive career possibilities, outside of traditional performance pathways, that complement many art-related industries. Class offerings may include Entrepreneurship in the Arts, An Artist’s Lens on Marketing and Branding, Storytelling, Event Production and Intro to the Creative Process. Through a capstone class, students develop and conduct community engagement and social entrepreneurship projects. Students also have an opportunity to partner with local arts organizations and creative businesses to expand their skills with internships and/or professional apprenticeships.

Students in the Arts & Enterprise Conservatory are invited to audition for select productions and showcases within OCSA’s School of Theatre and Integrated Arts Conservatory. These performances include musicals, plays, recitals, variety showcases, cabaret concerts, and more. In addition, Arts & Enterprise Conservatory students participate in OCSA’s Season Finale, a culminating schoolwide performance presented at the prestigious Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

Preparing Students for the Future

Students who complete the Arts & Enterprise Conservatory curriculum acquire strong foundational skills in a variety of art disciplines, as well as a deep understanding of the business aspects of the arts. With exposure to diverse art forms, students gain the experience and capabilities to explore countless career opportunities. Through practical application of projects and community partnerships, students in Arts & Enterprise Conservatory graduate as innovative thinkers who make connections between the skills gained in the classroom and their individual paths to successful, creative, and entrepreneurial professions.

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