General Information and Application

Dear OCSA Parent/Students:

It is OCSA's policy to provide free lunch to OCSA students whose families are eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program (FRLP).  To be eligible, families must submit an OCSA FRLP application annually. Please click here to download program guidelines and the application.

Students of families enrolled in OCSA's FRLP will receive a FREE nutritionally balanced lunch meal once each day called the Daily Special.  This meal includes an entree, whole fruit, and a choice of juice, milk or water.

The Daily Special, full priced at $5.00, is available to any student  in the 2nd Floor Cafeteria, Breezeway and 10th Street locations during the daily scheduled lunch period. Students who qualify for the Free Lunch Program must order by saying "Daily Special" in order to receive the meal at no charge.  Students may use their PIN (four digit student number) or scan their fingerprint when ordering lunch.

Parents must also establish an account at  and link their child(ren) to this account as part of the FRLP program. If your child wishes to purchase items other than the Daily Special, please add funds to the OCard lunch account for those purchases which will be charged at full menu pricing.

If you have any questions, you may contact me at 714-560-0900, ext. 5535 or at .


Becky Parsons
Family Liaison
OCSA Business Office

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