About The Production & Design Conservatory

The Production & Design Conservatory offers students in grades 7 through 12 the opportunity to study the arts and crafts used in the entertainment industry. For every performer on stage, there are several artists working behind the scenes. Under the direction of industry professionals, students in the Production & Design Conservatory are transformed into these behind-the-scenes artists, taking courses in scenery, costumes, makeup, lighting, audio, props, stage management, theatre history, and acting. Production & Design faculty members are committed to developing well-rounded theatre artists, who understand both the practical and the theoretical aspects of the process of design, as well as construction and implementation. These learning goals are accomplished through the conservatory’s extensive course curriculum, laboratory experiences, and production assignments.

Student Experience

The Production & Design Conservatory provides a hands-on, active learning environment where students are exposed to all disciplines of technical theatre, including reading and interpreting a script, scenic design and construction, stage management, audio, lighting, drawing for design, and costume and makeup design. Students learn how to research, design, engineer, build, and install design elements in each of the conservatory's major disciplines. Production & Design students also gain knowledge in operating the tools and equipment associated with the arts and crafts of the production entertainment industry, including shop hand and power tools, sewing machines, audio consoles, microphones, lighting consoles, lighting instruments, and theatrical rigging systems. The conservatory’s unique educational opportunities allow Production & Design students to discover new and untapped talents and passions.

  • “I love the different aspects of production and design because everyone can identify their niche. The atmosphere isn’t competitive; we all use our individual skills to collaborate and produce collective work.”
    Ilana Roth – Class of 2016
  • “Production and design is a constantly evolving industry. The earlier you emerge yourself in the world of technical theatre, the easier it is to evolve with the new standards.”
    Michelle Pflug – Class of 2012
  • “I love the shows, working with other conservatories, and learning new technical skills. While I may be a stage manager for one show, I’ll also have the opportunity to paint sets, focus lights, and build props for another.”
    Isabella Long – Class of 2017

Preparing Students for the Future

The Production & Design Conservatory prepares students for admission into prestigious university/college production and design programs throughout the country. If a student wishes to immediately enter the professional workforce, the Production & Design Conservatory also prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, including engineering, architecture, interior design, product design, fashion, hotel management, theme park management, and construction. Regardless of the path Production & Design students choose to follow upon graduating, the conservatory helps students enter the real world with strong communication, collaboration, leadership, problem solving, conflict management, and time management skills.

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