Student Data, Records, Student Forms

Changes to student information, including address changes, emergency contacts, phone numbers, etc. are submitted by the parent via the Aeries student/parent portal.  Parents can update parent/student data by going here and selecting from the "Student Info" pull-down tab and clicking on "Data Confirmation".  In addition, changes to student authorizations and email addresses can also be updated in the portal.  Email changes are made by selecting the tabs "Options" and "Change Email."

Review of student records by a parent/guardian,or other authorized representative, is available by written request to the School Registrar. The request can be emailed or faxed. An appointment time will be arranged to review the records with the Registrar or the student’s counselor.

Laura Ely

Laura Ely

Registrar/Student Services

Phone: 714.560.0900 ext. 6174   

Fax: 714.564.3283

Transcripts/Report Cards - Current OCSA Students

All official Progress Report grades and semester grades are maintained in Aeries. Parents and students may review permanent student grades in their Aeries portal here.

Official transcripts for current OCSA students can be requested through My School Bucks. There is a nominal fee for official transcripts, which must be paid with a valid credit card. Visit for more information.

Current students who have questions regarding their official transcript order can visit the Student Services Office, or email us at or call 714-560-9000, ext. 6160.

Unofficial transcripts and report cards for current students can be obtained by going to the student’s/parent’s Aeries portal account here and clicking on the Grades tab then selecting Report Card History. If you have technical difficulties with Aeries, please contact OCSA Tech office at

OCSA does not mail home progress reports or report cards. Students and parents will want to download a copy of these documents for their personal use from the Aeries portal. Report cards are maintained in the Aeries portal for the current year only.

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Transcripts - OCSA Alumni & Former Students

OCSA sends official transcripts for alumni and former OCSA students through Parchment, the leader in eTranscript exchange. Please click here to visit Parchment to place your transcript order. There is a fee for each transcript ordered and credit card payment is required. Graduates that had high school attendance at OCHSA during the 2000-2002 years will use Parchment to order their official transcript, however, electronic services will not be an available option. These transcripts will be sent through the U.S. postal service to the destination indicated in the Parchment request. For more information visit

Unofficial transcripts and report cards for alumni and former students may be requested by emailing the registrar at Please include in the email the following information: the year of OCSA graduation, or the last year of OCSA attendance, full legal name used while at OCSA, and an email address to use for forwarding the unofficial transcript or report card. Please allow 48 hours for delivery.

Mid-Year School Withdrawal Information

When the decision is made by the parent to withdraw their child from OCSA midyear, the parent must notify the school registrar at least a minimum of one day in advance of the withdrawal date.  This provides the registrar and teachers the necessary time to determine and collect the student's withdrawal grades. 

Please email the registrar at  with the withdrawal notification.  Once notified, the student can pick up the required OCSA withdrawal form from the the registrar for the parent/guardian to complete, sign, and return to the registrar no later than one day prior to the withdrawal. 

On the student's last day of attendance, the student must complete the following steps:

  • Clean out locker (if applicable), and return lock
  • Return the following items to the registrar:
    • OCSA Student ID Card
    • OCSA Textbooks - lost or damaged books must be paid for prior to release of withdrawal documents
    • OCSA Parking Permit, if applicable

On receipt of the signed withdrawal document and school property the parent will be provided with an unofficial transcript, record of immunization, test record, and official withdrawal documentation, which includes withdrawal grades for use when enrolling the student at their new school.  The student's cumulative school records will be forwarded to the student's new school upon request from the authorized school. 

**Please note that when a parent withdraws a student prior to the completion of the semester, and without the student completing their midterm exams/finals, they put their child at risk for losing credit for the entire semester. 


End of the Year School Withdrawal

Parents who do not plan to continue their student's enrollment at OCSA for the following year must notify OCSA of this decision prior to the end of the school year.  Visit this page to report your intent to withdraw your child from OCSA.

Students leaving at the end of the year will not need to meet with the registrar or obtain withdrawal documents.  Student records, which will include the student's final grades and official transcript, will be forwarded to the new school upon the request of the authorized school. 

Entertainment Work Permits

Students needing an Entertainment Work Permit to work in the entertainment industry must submit their work permit application to the school registrar, whose office is located in the Student Services office, Tower room 101.  Permit application forms are available online to download from the Department of Labor Standards.

Parents must complete the top portion of the permit application and sign the form prior to their child submitting it to the registrar.  There is a minimum 24 hour turnaround on Entertainment Work Permit application approval, please plan accordingly.  Students who submit their application in the morning can pick up their approved application from the registrar's door mailbox during Block 7 the following day.  OCSA does not mail work permit applications home or to the Department of Labor Standards.

Students applying for an Entertainment Work Permit must have satisfactory semester grades of "C" or better in all classes, and no more than 15 absences in the school year, as reflected on the most recent semester grade report.  Students who do not meet this requirement will have their application returned without school approval, and will need to wait to reapply at the end of the next semester.

Our front desk receptionists manage and maintain the Work Permit process for all employment other than entertainment. 

CALGRANTS / Web Grants

Senior students planning to attend a California college or university, including community college, will submit a Cal Gant GPA Information Release form to the registrar in the fall.  Release forms are distributed to seniors in their Government/Econ classes.  OCSA, as a service to its seniors, electronically reports GPA data to the Cal Grant/Web Grant portal for Cal Grant consideration.  The senior student and their parent must then be sure that their FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is also submitted by the required March deadline. 

OCSA graduates who have less than 24 college credits at the end of their freshman college year, and who will be applying for a Cal Grant for their college sophomore year, will need to submit their college Cal Grant GPA Information Release form to OCSA's registrar.  Please email the Release form to The Release form must be submitted no later than one week prior to the Cal Grant submission deadline in March. The release form can be obtained at, or the graduate's college/university. 

Voter Registration - 16 to 18 years of age

Click on the link below for information and details about the voter registration process, and online voter registration form.

Secretary of State - Register to Vote