MONTAGE! features several of Orange County School of the Arts’ most celebrated student artists. This interdepartmental performing group provides a unique opportunity for OCSA students to build an impressive resume, make life-long friendships and develop industry connections.

They are recognized as OCSA’s performance ambassadors and combine the talent of singers, dancers, and instrumentalists in unforgettable performances for community events, private events, corporate events, and OCSA Foundation events. MONTAGE! students not only serve OCSA by representing the spirit and culture of our beloved student body, but they also contagiously reflect our high level of excellence to communities and esteemed organizations throughout southern California.

MONTAGE!’s preexisting repertoire includes 15 to 30-minute variety shows comprised of large group numbers, trios, duets, and solos, which can be customized to suit the needs of any event. In addition, MONTAGE! offers a 45-minute scripted holiday performance, a 25-minute musical performance packed with holiday favorites, contemporary a cappella holiday tunes, contemporary pop tunes, a cappella pop selections, various Great American Songbook options, a contemporary string quartet and coffee house style acoustic set. MONTAGE! can also create original repertoire specifically for your private party or event, including everything from one customized number to a fully-staged production. MONTAGE! has been highlighted at a variety of community and private events, including:


Over many years, MONTAGE! has seen many amazing students come and go. Our celebrated performance ambassadors graduate and move on to very successful fields in and outside of the arts. Learn more about how MONTAGE! has impacted this incredible group of alumni. 

Please email Jacob Piattoni at jacob.piattoni@ocsarts.net and Quinn Olesiuk at quinn.olesiuk@ocsarts.net if you have any questions.

*We will open up audition slots as needed to accommodate everyone who is interested!*


What is the time commitment for MONTAGE! rehearsals?

Rhythm Section Band: Some Tuesday's from 5:30pm – 8:30pm and some Friday's from 2:45pm - 6:00pm.

  • Additional rehearsals will occasionally be scheduled during our busy seasons, including holiday shows and Gala.

String Ensemble: Some Tuesday's from 5:30pm – 8:30pm and some Friday's from 2:45pm - 6:00pm.

  • Additional rehearsals will occasionally be scheduled during our busy seasons, including holiday shows and Gala.

Dancers: Some Thursday’s from 5:30pm - 8:30pm and all Friday’s from 2:45pm - 6:00pm.

  • Additional rehearsals will occasionally be scheduled during our busy seasons, including holiday shows and Gala.

Vocalists: Some Tuesday’s from 5:30pm - 8:30pm and all Friday’s from 2:45pm - 6:00pm

  • Additional rehearsals will occasionally be scheduled during our busy seasons, including holiday shows and Gala.

Are there any financial commitments for MONTAGE!?

In support of the program, each MONTAGE! Family is requested to Donate / Crowdfund a minimum $575 per-student participation donation that directly supports each MONTAGE! student and allows our Creative Team to offer wonderful educational and performances experiences as well as items including:

This $575.00 donation supports the following:

  • Grooming kit and Make-up kits
  • Professional headshots
  • Events/Parties/Mixers:
    - August/September – Welcome Event. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games, if applicable.
    - November/December – Holiday Event. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games, if applicable.
    - May/June – End-Of-The-Year Event. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games, if applicable.
  • Performance costumes/accessories
  • Master class guest artist fees
  • Administrative supplies
  • Staffing allocations.

The only additional anticipated performance donation request is for OCSA’s annual Gala in the amount of $75.00. Other than that, we do not foresee asking you to pay any additional MONTAGE! performance donations throughout the year.

Book MONTAGE! for Your Event

Thank you for your interest in booking a performance by the bright and talented students of the Orange County School of the Arts.

To secure MONTAGE! for your upcoming event, please complete our entertainment form and we will be in touch with you in one to two business days to discuss your upcoming event in greater detail.  For additional information, or to book one of our other student performance groups, please contact Cindy Peca, Creative Director at 714.560.0900 Ext. 6810 or bringocsatoyou@ocsarts.net 

Please note that we request an honorarium for our student performance groups. All performance honorariums represent the school’s actual expenses associated with the student performances outlined in the enclosed documents, including on-site staff chaperone(s), staff time for event coordination and student rehearsals, transportation, make-up, costume use and cleaning, and other necessary costs. All additional tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated and are designated to the students’ arts conservatory program(s) for future enrichment opportunities and/or needed supplies.

Thank you for your support of the next generation of world class artists. We appreciate your consideration in featuring our students as a part of your upcoming special event!

What do I need to know about the MONTAGE! auditions?

Who can audition for MONTAGE!?

All current students and newly accepted students for the incoming school year are eligible to audition. MONTAGE! is an interdepartmental performing group consisting of newly accepted and returning OCSA students ranging from grades 7 - 12. Students with a unique skill set are encouraged to audition, as the Creative Team often features a wide variety of celebrated student artists throughout the year. If you have a special skill set, please come to the audition prepared to demonstrate your unique talents.

When are auditions?

Auditions for the upcoming 2023-34 year will be held on Thursday, June 1st and Tuesday, June 6th. Details will be announced a month prior via email notice (for new and returning students) as well as on Art Attack (returning students ONLY). Audition details willl be posted on www.ocsarts.net/montageauditions once they become available. Please note that audition information varies year to year.

Can a student audition for all three areas of focus within MONTAGE! (dance, instrumental or vocal)?

Yes, however, if accepted for MONTAGE!, they will be cast in one area of focus; dance, instrumental or vocal. Please make sure that an audition is scheduled for each department of interest.

Is there a particular genre or style of music you are looking for?

The casting directors are looking for students who are passionate about their art.  MONTAGE! is made up of OCSA’s bright and talented young artists who captivate audiences with their contemporary, upbeat and pop-styled performances.

Do I need to provide a resume and headshot?

Yes, please provide a current resume and headshot. Please be advised that your resume and headshot will NOT be returned to you.

What is the policy for students having rehearsal or event conflicts?

Whenever possible, outside appointments or engagements such as doctors, dentist, orthodontists, sports, other shows, or professional auditions or jobs, should NOT conflict with MONTAGE! rehearsals or events. When it is necessary to take away from rehearsal time or events, school policy requires that the student bring proof of doctor appointments, professional auditions or jobs.  

As long as the Creative Team is given enough notice of a conflict, we will make accommodations for any excused absences. As a MONTAGE! Student, it is your responsibility to effectively communicate your MONTAGE! rehearsal and performance calendar to any non-MONTAGE! endeavors. Conflicts can and will determine casting.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

For additional information about MONTAGE! auditions, email our office at quinn.olesiuk@ocsarts.net

Creative Team

Cindy Peca

Cindy Peca

Creative Director


Cindy Peca joined the Orange County School of the Arts in 1989 and serves as Creative Director. 

As the Creative Director of MONTAGE! and Special Events, Ms. Peca leads the Creative Team to createg one-of-a-kind performance opportunities for the bright and talented students at OCSA ever since. Ms. Peca began her distinguished career by winning the title of “National Swing Dance Champion” at the young age of 11. Ms. Peca’s career has encompassed professional performances, dance education, and choreography for national university dance teams, feature films, television, commercials, professional sports teams, and stage. She has worked on and choreographed for numerous industrial events such as, Behr Paint, Reebok, Asics, Neutrogena, KMS, and Matrix hair products. Her television credits include, “Coca-Cola,” “Dance Fever,” “Star Search,” and 1984 winner of the “American Bandstand Dance Contest” which is when at the age of 13, she won her first car. Ms. Peca has worked with and choreographed for such celebrities, companies and professional sport teams as, Rita Moreno, Tina Turner, Bob Hope, the Los Angeles Laker Girls, Dick Clark, Merv Griffin, Bob Fosse and Walt Disney Records. Ms. Peca also choreographed the stage production of “Gidget, The Musical” directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

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Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook

Director of Productions


Mr. Cook joined OCSA in 2008 and previously worked as Technical Director/Lighting Designer for Brite Ideas, Inc., where he provided overall technical direction and lighting and/or sound design for a number of high profile clients and events, including Elton John, Stevie Nicks, Maroon 5, the Orange County Performing Arts Center, J. Paul Getty Museum, Lexus – U.S. Open, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Roberto Cavalli, Variety Magazine, Audi, Samsung, California State University, Fullerton and more.

Mr. Cook spent 19 years as Resident Lighting and Sound Designer for Saddleback College and Saddleback Civic Light Opera. During his tenure, he designed numerous shows and mentored many students who successfully transferred to university programs or into positions within the industry. He was also the project manager for the $1.4 million lighting, audio and rigging system replacement and renovation project. He has served as associate faculty member at Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College and Santa Ana College, where he taught technical theatre and design classes, including stage lighting, theatre production and stagecraft. Mr. Cook has also worked as a freelance designer, production manager or technician for a variety of professional theatre groups, including Utah Shakespeare Festival, Santa Fe Opera Company, Center Theatre Group, Aids Quilt display and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival. Mr. Cook holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Technical Theatre/Design and a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts from California State University, Fullerton.

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Patrick Copeland

Patrick Copeland

Producer, Arranger and Orchestrator

As music director/conductor in theater: “The Light in the Piazza” Southern California regional premiere; “Kiss me Kate”, Covina Center; “Enter the Guardsman”, New American Musical Festival; as keyboardist: “Cats’, La Mirada Theater, 2014, “Legally Blonde”, 3­D Theatricals, 2014;

as composer: “A Joyful Noise”, A Spoken Memorie, with Earl Hamner; “Chillerama’, feature film; “Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror”, feature film; “The Odd Couple” & “Wait until Dark”, original music/sound design, Covina Center; “Dracula”, original music, Costa Mesa Center for the Arts: as sound designer: “2001 Maniacs”, feature film; “Chillerama” feature film: as performer: Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, piano/keyboards/music arranger/sound designer, 2007-present; as teacher: Orange County High School for the Arts, musical director/arranger, ‘Montage’ performance group, 2014-present; other: Artistic Director, Covina Center, 2007-2009; technical director, Covina Center, 2007-2009.

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Robert "Jake" Jacobs

Band Leader


Robert “Jake” Jacobs a been a professional musician recording and performing since the age of thirteen. His extensive resume includes recording and/or performing with artists such as Natalie Cole, Al Green, Three Dog Night, Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen), Brandon Fields, Eric Marienthal, Ollie Woodson (Temptations), The Olsen Twins, and The Young Dubliners.

His televisions credits include working on Judging Amy, and doing voices overs for Quest For Camelot (WB). He has also produced and arranged for artists such as Bob Malone (John Fogerty). He currently teaches Drum Labs I/II, Arranging and Composing in Sibelius, and Rock Ensemble in OCSA’s Popular Music Conservatory. He is an Artist Endorser with Drum Workshop (DW), Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth and REMO. “Jake” most enjoys using his extensive experience to get the best performance out of each musician and to help them reach their goals and aspirations.

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Jamond McCoy

Jamond McCoy

Vocal Director


Jamond is an improvisational jazz and gospel influenced vocalist, pianist, composer, arranger, session singer, and accompanist creating music for various venues and other fellow musicians. He is dedicated and committed to giving each musical endeavor the passion, energy and respect it deserves.

His current endeavors include teaching at studios, and working as an assistant director at the Monterey Jazz Summer Camp, and giving back to the church communities that helped shape him as a music director. Mr. McCoy is looking forward to pushing the limits and carrying on the legacy of m-pact, a music group hailed as "one of the best pop-jazz vocal groups in the world" by the San Francisco Chronicle, for which he now sings baritone. Outside of music, he absolutely loves all things food and puts as much passion into eating and making food as he does music.

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Quinn Olesiuk

Quinn Olesiuk

Foundation & Creative Team Associate


Now in her sixth year of being a part of the OCSA family, Quinn Olesiuk loves being a part of the vibrant school community and serving its incredible students. Quinn possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising & Television Production and Writing from Chapman University. She has a strong creative background in film and television production and creative content development.


Quinn’s experience stretches from working on highly-acclaimed television shows including "Jane the Virgin" and "Pretty Little Liars," to serving as a stylist and creative consultant for various fashion shows, magazines, and media outlets. Quinn is a lover of everything creative and great conversation topics with her include her son Avery, her adorable puppy children, Piper and Tatum, the brilliance “Les Misérables,” and how delicious vanilla lattes and all-you-can-eat sushi are (but not together!). Quinn loves getting to know each and every MONTAGE! student, so please come to her office in Tower 402 and say “hi” anytime!

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Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla

Production Coordinator


Alex Padilla is a proud alumnus of OCSA’s Production & Design Conservatory and is a sound designer and engineer as well as a planner and DJ for weddings and special events in Southern California.

From the classic opera “Don Giovanni” to the hit musical, “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical”, Alex’s sonic creativity stretches between different styles, creating acoustical immersion for all audience members. Outside of creating acoustical art, Alex also has a passion for creating unforgettable moments as a DJ and event planner for over 10 years. Alex is happy to return to OCSA since OCSA helped nurture and shape the human he is today. Alex holds a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts with emphases in Sound Design, Lighting Design, and Theatrical/NPO Management from California State University, Fullerton. When not working, Alex loves to cook all types of food (as long as there are no capers involved) and enjoys taking time to disconnect by backpacking the Sierra Nevada’s.

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Jacob Piattoni

Jacob Piattoni

Dance Captain


Jacob Piattoni is a southern California native and grew up as a trained competitive dancer. He is a graduate of the Orange County School of the Arts’ Commercial Dance Conservatory and has earned many awards for his innovative choreography.

Jacob has continued to work independently to provide unique choreography to top-scoring studios, schools and dance conventions throughout the United States. He has also worked as a contracted choreographer for Matthew Morrison’s “Go The Distance” official music video and live D23 Experience Show.  Jacob currently works at multiple southern California dance studios and high schools and acts as a resident dance coach and choreographer for the Orange County School of the Arts’ celebrated performance group MONTAGE!. Jacob continuously prioritizes instilling his passion for movement into his students and will continue to do so with every project he works on.

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Julia Rudge

Julia Rudge

Dance Captian


Julia Rudge, an OCSA Alumni, has been dancing for 15 years and has trained in tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, modern and other dance styles. She trained at HBP Dance Extreme for her early stages of training and then added OCSA training in 2012.

Julia received the honor of being Co-Valedictorian for the Commercial Dance Conservatory under the direction of Jim Kolb. She has also been an active company member of LA Dance Magic by assisting convention classes.  Her performing credits include OCSA Annual Gala for four years, Rochelle Mapes Master Thesis of CSULB, Choreography Conference in Palm Desert, and ASN Conference Seattle. Not only has she been a part of the Creative Team for 4 years, but she also choreographs and teaches dance at schools and studios across Orange County. Julia has a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entertainment and Hospitality Management from Cal State University, Fullerton and hopes to continue educating young dancers.

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Melissa Tyler Wackerman

Melissa Tyler Wackerman

Musical Director


Mrs. Wackerman has an extensive entertainment industry background as a performer, event producer, vocal arranger and coach.

She has been the vocal arranger for Sesame Street Live! and Hello Kitty national tours and currently serves as a regular Guest Teaching Artist for Disney Imagination Campus where she teaches a soundtrack, vocal, recording workshop. She was recently on the team that launched a new Broadway Magic workshop. She began her career as the Ambassador for Disneyland’s 30th Anniversary promotion and worldwide tour, acting as the official spokesperson for media interviews and public appearances with international dignitaries. She continued her career producing and developing high-profile events and film premiers for the Walt Disney Company including the Celebrity Premiere of Disney’s California Adventures park, the 2003 X Games, and even Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 at the Disneyland Resort. Mrs. Wackerman is dedicated to the advancement of youth in arts education. As the Director of Special Events for Los Angeles Music Center, she oversaw the development of the Spotlight Awards program. At the Orange of County School of the Arts she pioneered the Master Artists Series, providing opportunities for students at OCSA to work directly with world-class artists, including Wynton Marsalis, Disney composer Richard Sherman, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and Megan Hilty. She has worked as a music director for numerous professional productions and was sought out as the vocal coach for the young cast members in Universal Studios Japan Christmas Spectacular “Voice of an Angel”. Mrs. Wackerman received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance from the University of California, Los Angeles with an emphasis in piano and vocal ensembles.

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