About the Martin & Cynthia Howard Design & Media Conservatory

The Martin & Cynthia Howard Design & Media Conservatory offers pre-professional arts training for students in grades 9-12 through the lens of design and problem solving. Pairing new and emerging technologies with design thinking and iterative methodology, students sample a variety of commercially focused arts practices such as Entertainment, Game, Animation, Product, Transportation, Narrative, Interactive Media, and UI and UX Design to rethink and reimagine our world. The Martin & Cynthia Howard Design & Media Conservatory encourages learning through immersive instruction, first-hand research, application of experience, and critique. Students are at the vanguard of design through a combination of guest artist lectures, hands-on experience in the school’s robust facilities, and collaboration with local industry leaders. Design & Media students enjoy a rigorous and thoroughly challenging curriculum equivalent to competitive colleges and universities, and they use the skills learned throughout their time in the conservatory to solve problems, push boundaries, and overcome challenges in an ever-evolving industry.

Student Experience

In grades 9 and 10, students are immersed in a variety of different design ideologies and practices in order to build a foundation of knowledge and experience. In grades 11 and 12, students have the opportunity to specialize through electives and more self-directed projects as they delve into specific processes and applications while building a body of work representative of their interests and trajectory. Design & Media students learn a variety of digital applications and platforms in labs and shops while working individually and in teams on projects that reflect real-world briefs and challenges.

  • “I loved being surrounded by like-minded, talented classmates and knowledgeable, engaging teachers. I couldn't have progressed as far as I have without my education in Design & Media.”
    Sebastian Kings – Class of 2014
  • “Design & Media has been so helpful and fun; my portfolio is full of art I’m proud of! I’ve especially liked working with leading industry professionals to learn more about the field.”
    Eva Wierzbicki – Class of 2016
  • “It’s more than making video games and animation: it’s about immersing yourself in the meticulous process of making these expressive mediums, while having fun doing what you love.”
    Kevin Dang – Class of 2015

Preparing Students for the Future

The Martin & Cynthia Howard Design & Media Conservatory is focused on preparing students for an ever-evolving future that needs creative thinkers and problem solvers. In Design & Media, students learn to work and thrive as creative individuals in a world of integrated technologies and perpetual change. Design & Media students possess the experience, discipline, and skills demanded of college and a creative economy.