Online sales for official transcripts are now open through the My School Bucks site

Read the important information below and then click on the link labeled



Please note that transcripts are not necessarily sent out to your colleges at the time of your order.  Common App schools require additional documents be sent electronically along with the transcript, such as your Counselor's Letter of Recommendation and School Report.  Your Counselors are notified when your transcript order is placed, and will send them out as soon as all the required documents have been completed and uploaded.  All transcripts will be sent out prior to the college admission deadlines.  

If you have an urgent need for a transcript to be sent out immediately, you must communicate that information to your Counselor.

  • UCs and Cal States do not generally require initial transcripts.  If you are contacted by a UC or Cal State and asked to send in a transcript, you should place the transcript order and notify your Counselor of the request.
  • Scholarship and summer program transcripts can also be ordered for a cost $5.00 and will be sent out immediately.

Unofficial transcripts and report cards for current students can be obtained by going to the student’s/parent’s Aeries portal account at  and clicking on the Grades tab. If you have technical difficulties with Aeries, please contact OCSA Tech office at

OCSA Alumni transcripts can be ordered through  There is a nominal fee for official transcripts, which must be paid with a valid credit card.