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At OCSA, providing a supportive, inclusive, and safe environment for our students is one of our highest priorities. OCSA students work incredibly hard, putting in long hours in the classroom and after school in rehearsals, doing homework, installing exhibitions, participating in performances, and volunteering for community service projects. 

OCSA’s distinctive urban campus does not currently have a flexible, central outdoor location that can accommodate a wide range of activities: a place for our students to gather, relax, study, collaborate, rehearse, perform, exercise, and share meals.

Our students deserve a campus environment that matches the commitment and passion they bring to OCSA.

Your generous contribution to this special campaign will help create a welcoming Student Commons on our campus.


  • A welcoming, tree-lined campus entrance

  • A central landscaped lawn

  • A flexible outdoor performance and event space

  • A variety of benches for comfortable seating

  • Decorative fencing and a gate to surround the entrance and park space

  • A grand exterior staircase from the lawn to the upper-level OCSA café terrace

  • An enclosed student study lounge

  • Three contemporary coffee and snack bar locations

  • A 10th Street space designed for student activities and gatherings

  • Several wall and street murals to artistically enhance school facilities

  • An improved senior parking lot

To give to this transformative campaign, please complete the form below or contact Vice President of Development Elizabeth Ton at 714.560.0900 ext. 5531 or

Please see below for the exciting naming opportunities associated with Students First: A Capital Campaign!

Student Commons

Renderings by Studio One Eleven

Campaign Naming Opportunities



Student Commons  RESERVED


Central Lawn  RESERVED


Grand Staircase  RESERVED


Student Lounge  RESERVED




Tower Entry Gate and Perimeter Fencing  RESERVED


Studio Theatre Stage


Symphony Hall Lawn  RESERVED


Tower Breezeway  RESERVED


Annex Outdoor Performance Space and Shade  RESERVED


Welcome Courtyard  RESERVED


Studio Theatre Lobby

Studio Theatre Courtyard  RESERVED


Airstream Trailer Coffee/Snack Bar  RESERVED


Full Lunch Service Steelcraft Container  


10th Street Lunch Service Station  RESERVED


Culinary Garden   RESERVED

Outdoor Student Gathering Steelcraft Containers  RESERVED


Tech Center Wall Mural  RESERVED


Annex Wall Mural  RESERVED


10th Street Pavement Mural  RESERVED


Commemorative Trees (21 Available)


Central Lawn Tribute Benches (2 Available)


Personalized Brick Pavers (See below or click here to purchase)

Additional Naming Opportunities

Other naming opportunities are available throughout the campus, including – but not limited to – rehearsal rooms, studios, offices, performance venues, and other campus locations. Proceeds from these additional naming opportunities would also support Students First: A Capital Campaign. If you are interested in viewing a more comprehensive list, please contact Vice President of Development Elizabeth Ton at or 714.560.0900 ext. 5531.

Personalized Brick Pavers

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