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OCSA students received Honorable Mention Regional-at-Large awards at Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (Cont.)

Congratulations to the following students for their success in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. These students received Honorable Mention Regional-at-Large awards.

Carrie Kuo (VA, ‘22): Design, “Park Days”
Alison Amber Lee (VA, ‘23): Painting, “Barren”, “Isolation”
Kristie Lee (VA, ‘22): Design, "Draw How You See Yourself!"
Grant Li (CW, ‘23): Flash Fiction, "Father's Hands are Magical; Journalism, Essential Immigrant Businesses, PostCOVID, Rebound and Rebuild"
Jeongwon Lim (FTV, ‘25): Film & Animation, "Just Another Weekend"
Evan Yu-Wei Lu (VA, ‘23): Painting, “Illusions”
London San Luis (DM, ‘23): Painting, “Female Gaze”, “Homecoming”; Sculpture, “Scotoma”; Photography, “underneaths”, “undoings”
Caitlyn Mason (CW, ‘23): Dramatic Script, "Portrait of the Void"
Sidney Muntean (CW, ‘22): Personal Essay & Memoir, "The Botanists"; Poetry, "palpitations"
Ash Park (CW, ‘23): Dramatic Script, "Try to Try"; Flash Fiction, "Star Seed"
Amy Shi (CW, ‘24): Poetry, "Mother Hands"; Short Story, "Paradoxical Heroism"
Clara Son (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "Lemon Trees", "Letters to Dorothy", "Steps"
Huilun Wang (VA, ‘23): Painting, “Transformation”
Ally Wong (CW, ‘23): Personal Essay & Memoir, "Tiger Lily Bloom Season"; Poetry, "Table Set", "TO-DO LIST", "ITEM NO.3"
Jeffrey Yang (CV, ‘24): Flash Fiction, "Colors on a Blank Canvas", "The Death of Winter"; Poetry, "motel", "the between", "morning coffee", "more than"
Mia Yen (CW, ‘24): Poetry, "take me to a place far away"
Rachel Yoo (VA, ‘23): Painting, “Boundaries”
Lauren Young (PD, ‘26): Painting, “Library of Magic”
Cinna Zhou (VA, ‘25): Mixed Media, “Lure”; Painting, “World of the Books”
Eric Zhu (FTV, ‘22): Film & Animation, "The Best Life"

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