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Scholastic Art & Writing Silver Key Award

Congratulations to the following students for their success in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. These students received Regional-at-Large awards.

Silver Key Award:
Lena Brem (CW, ‘23): Short Story, The Cul-de-sac
Laura Anne Chen (CW, ‘21): Flash Fiction, Windowpane Glass; Novel Writing, Jewel-Steeped Hibiscus
Andy Choi (CW, ‘22): Poetry, Cyborg Asian Americana
Adin Choung (IM, ‘22): Flash Fiction, Yellow to White; Personal Essay & Memoir, My Poor Green Frog Mother
Kacy Chung (VA, ‘23): Drawing & Illustration, Escape, Wonder
David Du (FTV, ‘24): Film & Animation, Incent City
Isabel Hahn (CW, ‘22): Short Story, Sonder
Faith Hochgesang (IA, ‘23): Poetry, Quaran-Sonnet
Jessica Hong (CW, ‘24): Personal Essay & Memoir, The Raging Inferno
Joyce Hong (VA, ‘22): Painting, War of Worship
Melanie Huq (CW, ‘21): Short Story, Isolatoes, The Sapphire Key
Jamie Jung (CW, ‘24): Flash Fiction, My Name; Short Story, The Voice
Tara Kalle (CW, ‘23): Flash Fiction, Baby Luke My 'Demon' Brother
Hannah Kang (VA, ‘22): Painting, Prerogative of the Activists
Annette Kim (VA, ‘22): Painting, Incompetent
Chloe Kim (VA, ‘23): Comic Art, My Quarantine
Donggyu Kim (VA, ‘24): Ceramics & Glass, The Amalgamate
Lauren Kim (VA, ‘22): Sculpture, Life Organs; Expanded Projects, The Pixel World
Ava Li (VA, ‘22): Painting, mystery forest
Leo Lai (CW, ‘24): Short Story, Peter the Pencil and Ed the Eraser
Joyce Lee (VA, ‘21): Painting, Burning
Evan Yu-Wei Lu (VA, ‘23): Mixed Media, Time
Caitlyn Mason (CW, ‘23): Dramatic Script, life in the sky; Short Story, the family on the bathroom wall
Sidney Muntean (CW, ‘22): Flash Fiction, MUSINGS OF A MODERN-DAY GHOST; Personal Essay & Memoir, Desperado
Ashley Oh (DM, ‘24): Sculpture, Ethereal
Lisa Ordonez (IA, ‘23): Poetry, Nothing Lasts; Short Story, Where the Stars and Fires Played the Same Song
Kaitlyn Pak (VA, ‘22): Painting, Submerged
Juhyun Park (VA, ‘21): Painting, Split Realities of Quarantine; Drawing & Illustration, New Normal
London San Luis (DM, ‘23): Digital Art, Spring in America, 2020
Keila Sato (CW, ‘21): Science Fiction & Fantasy, Helios, The Last Ama; Secrets in the Sands; Writing Portfolio, Distant Worlds
Amy Shi (CW, ‘24): Short Story, Sanguine
Sohun Shin (VA, ‘24): Mixed Media, Natural Beauty
Clara Son (CW, ‘23): Poetry, Greek Tragedies, Ablaze
Elora Sparnicht (CW, ‘23): Humor, My Name is COVID-19
Trenyce Tong (VA, ‘21): Digital Art, Pixelated View
Huilun Wang (VA, ‘23): Painting, Fallen
Vivienne Williams (VA, ‘23): Drawing & Illustration, Construction of One’s Self
Ally Wong (CW, '23): Poetry, Eczema, Assimilation, Calligraphy Lesson
Jeffrey Yang (CV, ‘24): Flash Fiction, the orphan's memoir; Poetry, gone forever, dear ai
Kevin Yang (VA, ‘24): Painting, Blinded
James Yi (CW, ‘24): Flash Fiction, First Human
Junzhu Zhang (VA, ‘21): Mixed Media, Tongue; Painting, Storage Room, Lady with Earrings

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