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Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award

Congratulations to the following students for their success in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. These students received Regional-at-Large awards. Gold Key recipients will now be judged at the national level.

Gold Key Award
Sylvia Cheeseman (DM, ‘22): Painting, The King; Digital Art, Dreamer
Nora De Vente (VA, ‘22): Printmaking, Mother of Anthropocene
Joyce Hong (VA, ‘22): Drawing & Illustration, Recurrection
Mia Hsu (VA, ‘23): Painting, My Asian Woman
Grace Jo (VA, ‘22): Painting, Help for Hope
Hannah Kang (VA, ‘22): Painting, Complexities of Skin UnderTones (Sequel)
Alison Lee (VA, ‘23): Mixed Media, Buried in America; Painting, Refraction
Amanda Lee (IM, ‘23): Science Fiction & Fantasy, The Girl Who Brought Back Life
Kristie Lee (VA, ‘22): Sculpture, Communion, Into the Void
Joyce Lee (VA, '21): Art Portfolio, 2020 Frenzy; Drawing & Illustration, Colorism, Nature's Unification, Reminisce
Grant Li (CW, ‘23): Humor, An Update from Heaven - Yeah, We Don't Know Either
Caitlyn Mason (CW, ‘23): Dramatic Script, two types of goodbye
Juhyun Park (VA, ‘21): Film & Animation, Pandemic; Expanded Projects, Homes - Social Distancing; Drawing & Illustration, Time in Quarantine
Junwoo Park (VA, ‘21): Drawing & Illustration, New Generation Appears, Violence has no Boundaries
Bridget Phillips (MT, ‘22): Poetry, Be Pretty— No, Be Clever
London San Luis (DM, ‘23): Painting, Ocularity
Amy Shi (CW, ‘24): Poetry, Monsters Amid War
Clara Son (CW, ‘23): Poetry, The Maiden In My Dreams
Ashley Thornton (CW, ‘23): Critical Essay, The Dead Part of a Star; Poetry, Catallena
Trenyce Tong (VA, ‘21): Sculpture, WorldWide; Drawing & Illustration, 13 Mementos on My Desk; Art Portfolio, Connective Screens
Amy Wang (VA, ‘23): Painting, Pajamas
Suofei Wang (VA, ‘21): Architecture & Industrial Design, Woven Garden, Concert Hall; Drawing & Illustration, Tea Set
Ally Wong (CW, ‘23): Poetry, Springrolls, On Lunar New Year; Short Story, Gutted
Kevin Yang (VA, ‘24): Drawing & Illustration, The Upside Down World
Cindy Zhang (VA, ‘24): Digital Art, Assumptions

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