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The Music Center’s 33rd Annual Spotlight Program Semifinalists

The following students were recognized as semifinalists in The Music Center’s 33rd Annual Spotlight Program. Spotlight is a nationally acclaimed arts training and scholarship program for teens that awards more than $100,000 in cash scholarships annually. Semifinalists have the opportunity to attend a special master class in their discipline with highly regarded artists who share their expertise on performance technique, training, and professional life. Each semifinalist will virtually audition once more, and the top two finalist performers in each category will be selected for a total of 14 Grand Prize Finalists.

Emmy Cheung (CMD, ‘22) - Dance
Catherine Johnston (CV, ‘21) - Classical Voice
Kangsan Kim (CV, ‘22) - Classical Voice
Ava Kuntz (CV, ‘21) - Classical Voice
David Lee (IM, ‘21) - Jazz Instrumental
Mallory McKenna (CMD, ‘23) - Dance
Gianna Pedregon (IM, ‘21) - Jazz Instrumental
Bridget Phillips (MT, ‘22) - Acting
Sydney Thomas (CMD, ‘22) - Dance
Hana Uehara (BR, ‘23) - Dance
Kailyn Yi (CMD, ‘22) - Dance

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