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Please join me in congratulating the following students, alumni, and faculty on their recent achievements. On behalf of OCSA, I'd like to commend these bright and talented individuals for their outstanding success and impressive accomplishments. We're very proud of you.

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Ralph S. Opacic, Ed.D.
Founder & Executive Director

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  • Rutherford Falls
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    Rutherford Falls
    Nicole Berger, Director of the Commercial Dance Conservatory, choreographed for NBC’s Rutherford Falls starring Ed Helms.
  • 2021 YoungArts Winners
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    2021 YoungArts Winners
    The following students were recognized as 2021 YoungArts Winners by the National YoungArts Foundation for their artistic achievements. YoungArts award winners at all levels receive cash prizes between $100 and $10,000, and winners at the Finalist level are invited to participate in National YoungArts Week + in January, which features virtual classes, workshops, mentorship opportunities from leading artists in their fields, virtual performances, and an exhibition for the public.

    Courtney Chiu (CCD, '23) – Dance (Modern/Contemporary)
    Michele Lu (PM, '21) – Voice (Popular Voice)
    Gianna Pedregon (IM, '21) – Jazz (Violin)

    Honorable Mentions:
    Maya Alvarez-Coyne (CMD, '21) – Dance (World Dance/Irish Step)
    Laura Anne Chen (CW, '21) – Writing (Novel)
    Michele Lu (PM, '21) – Voice (Singer-Songwriter)

    Laura Anne Chen (CW, '21) – Classical Music (Piano)
    Wyatt Layton (CW, '23) – Writing (Spoken Word)
    Brian Lin (IM, '21) – Classical Music (Saxophone)
    Lauren Mei (ACT, '23) – Theater
    Charlee Rubino (MT, '21) – Theater
    Jonathan Truong (CW, '21) – Writing (Short Story)