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OCSA students received Silver Key Regional-at-Large awards at Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (Cont.)

Congratulations to the following students for their success in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. These students received Silver Key Regional-at-Large awards.

Donggyu Kim (VA, ‘24): Drawing & Illustration, “Sweetness”
Emily Kim (CW, ‘24): Dramatic Script; "Will It Get Better?"; Personal Essay & Memoir; "Regardless of a Drift…"
Frances Kim (IA, ‘24): Drawing & Illustration, “Orange in Ice”
Jennifer Kim: Mixed Media, “Night Market”
Haley Kleinman (IA, ‘23): Science Fiction & Fantasy, "The Truth About The Silence"
Leo Lai (CW, ‘24): Dramatic Script, "CATS SIDE STORY"
Alison Amber Lee (VA, ‘23): Painting, “Outlook”
Kristie Lee (VA, ‘22): Design, “Our Plastic, Our Oceans”; Fashion, “Reversible Shipping Envelope to Tote Bag”
Evan Yu-Wei Lu (VA, ‘23): Painting, “Doctor”
Jack Malo (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "Latke Words With Grandpa Max"
Caitlyn Mason (CW, ‘23): Journalism, "Airlines Break Wheelchairs Every Day. Disabled People Are Fighting Back"
Lisa Ordonez (IA, ‘23): Personal Essay & Memoir, "Once Ours Alone"
Ash Park (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "Albert"
Kaitlyn Pak (VA, ‘22): Painting, “Clad”
London San Luis (DM, ‘23): Painting, “Elicitation”, “Together Again”, “The Warmest Embrace”, “Sightless”; Sculpture, “Tao”
Ashley Shin (VA, ‘25): Drawing & Illustration, “Still Life”
Clara Son (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "America, Convicted, Greek Tragedies"
Leo Sui (IM, ‘23): Personal Essay & Memoir, "Sweet Tomatoes; Always Closest To Spoiling"
Ally Wong (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "Feng shui (n.)"
Melody Wu (VA, ‘24): Painting, “Delicate Doorway”
Jeffrey Yang (CV, ‘24): Critical Essay, "THE WARRING STATES: CULTURAL AND SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE GOVERNMENTAL FEUD BETWEEN CHINA AND THE UNITED STATES"; Poetry, "lunar new year, for her, trapped in nineteen ninety-nine, last conversation with grandmother"
Misu (Cindy) Zhang (VA, ‘24): Drawing & Illustration, “Betrayal”

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