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OCSA students received Gold Key Regional-at-Large awards at Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Congratulations to the following students for their success in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. These students received Gold Key Regional-at-Large awards. Gold Key recipients will now be judged at the national level.

Jaeung Cha (VA, ‘25): Photography, “Matured Innocence”
Sylvia Cheeseman (DM, ‘22): Mixed Media, “Knit”; Painting, “Blossom”
Ruth Chen (CW, ‘25): Humor, "Lamentations"
Jennifer Choi (VA, ‘26): Mixed Media, “Capitalism”
Grace Chung (CW, ‘23): Science Fiction & Fantasy, "The Margean Codes"; Short Story, "An Essay on My Opinion of Showering"
Justine Droullard (CW, ‘24): Flash Fiction, "Flowers in the Sink"
Ashley Hong (CW, ‘24): Flash Fiction, "God's Gift to Us Witches"
Cynthia Huang (CW, ‘24): Poetry, "Homemade"
Hannah Kang (VA, ‘22): Design, “Squid Game: Temptation or Death”; Drawing & Illustration, “Voices of Objects”, “Ceramics & Glass”, “Plastic Addiction”
Annabelle Kim (CW, ‘24): Dramatic Script, "A Letter to You"; Poetry, "Working towards the next step"
Annette Kim (VA, ‘22): Drawing & Illustration, “Self-portrait”
Chaewon Kim (CW, ‘23): Architecture & Industrial Design, “Mugression”, “Blewn collection”
Chloe Kim (VA, ‘23): Drawing & Illustration, “Pressure”; Painting, “Toy Box”
Kate Kim (CW, ‘25): Short Story, "Grocery Store"
Kristie Lee (VA, ‘22): Design, “Yearbook Cover Design”; Mixed Media, “The Road Ahead”;
Sculpture, “Cowfee or Tea”, “Futile”
Lauren Kim (VA, ‘22): Film & Animation, "Overwhelming"; Mixed Media, “Pressure”; Sculpture, “Insecure”
Grant Li (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "Earth's Skin"
Julie Lim (IA, ‘23): Drawing & Illustration, “Red Sea”
Georgia Mansey (IA, ‘22): Sculpture, “Honey”
Caitlyn Mason (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "Search Engine Prayer"
Estelle Morris (VA, ‘23): Drawing & Illustration, “Reminiscence”
Sidney Muntean (CW, ‘22): Writing Portfolio, "Amalgamated Moments"
Eunice Oh (VA, ‘24): Comic Art, “Lunch”
Kaitlyn Pak (VA, ‘22): Painting, “Alien”
London San Luis (DM, ‘23): Painting, “Cogitate at Night in the Bathroom 20 Yards Away From Her Bedroom Door”, “A Late Night”
Camilla Shen (CW, ‘23): Poetry, "Flux.Flow"
Amy Shi (CW, ‘24): Poetry, "Hereafters of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake"
Elora Sparnicht (CW, ‘23): Dramatic Script, "Party Pooper"; Humor, "Phototoxic"
Jeffrey Yang (CV, ‘24): Poetry, "mommy"
Lacole Yang (CW, ‘24): Poetry, "Reminiscence from the Lake, 2020"
Ruth Zhang (VA, ‘23): Painting, “Our Sweet Ride”

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