About the Musical Theatre Conservatory

The Musical Theatre Conservatory offers a rigorous and comprehensive course of study for serious musical theatre students in grades 7 through 12, who aspire to achieve a career on stage, in film and television, or in the recording arts. Students are exposed to classes in a variety of styles, including acting technique, vocal technique, vocal performance, audition technique, musical theatre history, keyboard, music theory, musicianship, pop vocal, stage movement and combat, and stage makeup. Each year, the conservatory offers a number of unique and exciting performance opportunities, where students have the chance to demonstrate the artistic skills and talents they have gained throughout their time in the program. Musical Theatre Conservatory students are provided with one-of-a-kind opportunities to meet, work with, and learn from renowned guest artists and alumni, university faculty, and industry leaders.

Student Experience

Each year, students in the Musical Theatre Conservatory concentrate on musical theatre vocal technique and acting. Middle school students experience a broad-based introduction to acting, musical theatre, and performance technique in preparation for the high school program. High school students receive a challenging and innovative arts education similar to that of a collegiate arts program, supported by a comprehensive curriculum that balances performance and technique. Over the course of the 6-year program, students devote themselves to studying unique topics such as vocal styles, musical theatre history, theory and musicianship, the physical instrument, and the business of musical theatre. Students are also expected to enroll in jazz, tap, ballet, musical theatre dance, or ballroom dance every year they are in residence in the Musical Theatre Conservatory.

  • “When I discovered the Musical Theatre Conservatory, my dream of performing on stage became a reality. The endless support I've received from teachers and peers makes me feel confident that I can achieve the impossible.”
    McKenna Wells – Class of 2017
  • “The day I stepped foot into my first college audition, I knew I had invaluable tools that aren’t taught anywhere else. I feel comfortable and confident walking into any audition because of the training I received at OCSA.”
    Adam Josef Levy – Class of 2012
  • "The years I spent in this program were some of the best in my life, and I am so grateful to have had such a life-altering experience."
    Tayler Mettra – Class of 2008

Preparing Students for the Future

The Musical Theatre Conservatory trains students to become serious performing artists with the skillsets necessary to pursue a professional career in the industry, attend a prestigious college or university in a major of their choice, and/or participate in an arts school or conservatory program. During students’ junior and senior years, many components of the conservatory curriculum focus on preparing them for life after graduation, and students are provided ample time to practice for college auditions. Additionally, the Musical Theatre Conservatory encourages the development of practical life skills beneficial to students’ futures regardless of the post-graduate path they choose to follow. While in the program, students learn proper rehearsal and performance etiquette, time management skills, communication skills, how to work cooperatively in a group setting, and how to produce quality work in a fast-paced environment.

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How many new students do you enroll each year (on average)?

Most of the Musical Theatre Conservatory’s applicants are seeking to enter OCSA in the 7th or 9th grades. Most years, the conservatory offers enrollment to approximately 40 new 7th grade students and 20 new 9th grade students. The conservatory usually receives fewer applications from students seeking to enter OCSA in grades 10 through 12. However, placement numbers for these grade levels vary each year depending on the number of students currently enrolled in each grade.

How many students apply for Musical Theatre each year (on average)?

The Musical Theatre Conservatory receives between 250 and 500 applications each year.

Does the Musical Theatre Conservatory enroll students who do not have much performance experience?

In previous years, Musical Theatre has offered enrollment to students who do not have much performance experience. In addition to preparation and execution of audition material, students are assessed on their passion and drive, their positive attitudes, and their potential for learning.

How many students are currently enrolled in the Musical Theatre Conservatory?

The Musical Theatre Conservatory has approximately 240 students enrolled in grades 7 through 12.

Do middle school students have to reapply to enter the high school program?

No. Current 8th grade students enrolled in the Musical Theatre Conservatory do not have to reapply for the high school program.

How many performances does the Musical Theatre Conservatory produce each year?

Musical Theatre produces two to three mainstage musicals annually. All 7th and 8th grade students participate in a musical revue and are eligible to audition for the conservatory's holiday choral performance. High school students can audition for a chamber musical with a small cast and a musical revue. The conservatory offers a variety of unique performance opportunities, including Performing with the Pros, a special concert event where students perform alongside a renowned industry performer, classroom recitals, special events, and showcases. In addition, Musical Theatre students can audition for most of the plays produced by the Acting Conservatory.