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OCSA Classical Voice Conservatory students performed and received awards in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Student Evaluation Program

The following Classical Voice Conservatory students performed in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Student Evaluation Program. They participated through the Los Angeles chapter, which received hundreds of submissions. The students received the following awards:


6th-8th Youth (ages 11-12)
First Place - Leila Woodward (CV, ‘27)
Second Place - Angelina Pendleton-Mendez (CV, ‘27)

6th-8th Youth (ages 13-14)
Third Place - Henry Courtney (CV, ‘26)

9th-10th Grade Treble (Group 1)
First Place - Luna Zamora (CV, ‘24)
Second Place - Madison Becerra (CV, ‘25)
Honorable Mention - Sky Keyoung (CV, ‘25)

9th-10th Grade Treble (Group 2)
Second Place - Viveka Saravanan (CV, ‘24)
Honorable Mention - Lilliana Mindel (CV, ‘24)

9th-10th Grade Tenor/Baritone/Bass
First Place - Julian Schuld (CV, ‘24)
Second Place - Sebastian Nunez (CV, ‘24)
Third Place - Bryce Leng (CV, ‘24)
Honorable Mention - Jack Wilson (CV, ‘25) and Maxwell Yen (CV, ‘24)

11th-12th Grade Treble (Group 1)
Third Place - Jaidyn Portanova (CV, ‘23)
Honorable Mention - Alexandra Holbrook (CV) and Sophia Kimmel (CV, ‘22)

11th-12th Grade Treble (Group 2)
Third Place - Mia Baron (CV, ‘23)
Honorable Mention - Anjal Jain (CV, ‘22)

11th-12th Grade Tenor/Baritone/Bass
First Place - Evan Richards (CV, ‘22)
Second Place - Lukas Wozencraft (CV, ‘22)
Third Place - Stephen Goeres-Hill (CV, ‘23)
Honorable Mentions - Alexander Jeon (CV, ‘23)

Musical Theater:

6th-8th Youth (age 12)
2nd Place - Leila Woodward (CV, ‘27)
Honorable Mention - Angelina Pendleton-Mendez (CV, ‘27)

9th-10th Grade Treble (Group 1)
Second Place - Luna Zamora (CV, ‘24)

11th-12th Grade Treble (Group 2)
Honorable Mention - Mia Baron (CV, ‘23)

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