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Students Perform in NATS Competition

The following Classical Voice Conservatory students performed in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Student Evaluation Program and Competition. They participated through the Los Angeles chapter, which received a record number of 247 submissions. The winners participated in a virtual recital. The students received the following awards:


6th-8th Youth (Group 1)
Third Place - Henry Courtney (CV, '26)
Honorable Mention - Aaron Wimbley (CV, '23)

9th-10th Grade Treble (Group 1)
Second Place - Aashna Rana (CV, '23)
Third Place - Mia Baron (CV, '23)

9th-10th Grade Tenor/Baritone/Bass
First Place - Alexander Jeon (CV, '23)
Second Place - Sebastian Nunez (CV, '24)
Third Place - Jeffrey Yang (CV, '24)

11th-12th Grade Treble (Group 1)
Honorable Mention - Angeline Xu (CV, '21)

11th-12th Grade Treble (Group 3)
First Place - Ava Kuntz (CV, '21)
Second Place - Catherine Johnston (CV, '21)
Honorable Mention - Elissa Matthew (CV, '21) and Isabella Szabo (CV, '21)

11th-12th Grade Tenor/Baritone/Bass
Third Place - Garrett Wilmoth (CV, '21)
Honorable Mention - Lukas Wozencraft (CV, '22)

Hall Johnson Spiritual:

Second Place - Aaron Wimbley (CV, '23)

Musical Theatre:

9th-10th Grade Treble (Group 2)
Third Place - Mia Baron (CV, '23) and Jaidyn Portanova (CV, '23)

9th-10th Grade Tenor/Baritone/Bass
First Place - Alexander Jeon (CV, '23)

11th-12th Grade (Group 3)
First Place - Ava Kuntz (CV, '21)
Honorable Mention - Catherine Johnston (CV, '21)

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