About the Digital Media Conservatory

The Digital Media Conservatory offers training in animation, games, design, and media for students in grades 9 through 12. Using new and emerging technologies, students learn to build narratives, create fantastic characters, and design innovative worlds across a variety of digital and analog platforms. The Digital Media Conservatory encourages learning through immersive instruction, application of experience, and critique. Students are exposed to renowned guest artists and industry leaders, who visit the campus to share their expertise and creativity through lectures, presentations, and hands-on training. Digital Media students enjoy a rigorous and thoroughly challenging curriculum equivalent to digital media programs at competitive colleges and universities, and use the skills learned throughout their time in the conservatory to solve problems and push the boundaries and overcome challenges.

Student Experience

The Digital Media Conservatory provides a challenging, innovative, and cutting-edge environment that inspires students to create new worlds and tell stories that have never been told before. Students have the opportunity to improve upon their understanding of the complexities of the macro and micro components of society, as they build individual characters and construct the worlds within which the characters must both collectively and individually interact. Each year, Digital Media students take a class in each of the conservatory’s four focus areas: animation, concept design, drawing, and game design.

  • “I loved being surrounded by like-minded, talented classmates and knowledgeable, engaging teachers. I couldn't have progressed as far as I have without my education in Digital Media.”
    Sebastian Kings – Class of 2014
  • “Digital Media has been so helpful and fun; my portfolio is full of art I’m proud of! I’ve especially liked working with leading industry professionals to learn more about the field.”
    Eva Wierzbicki – Class of 2016
  • “It’s more than making video games and animation: it’s about immersing yourself in the meticulous process of making these expressive mediums, while having fun doing what you love.”
    Kevin Dang – Class of 2015

Preparing Students for the Future

The Digital Media Conservatory focuses on preparing students for the realities of life and encouraging students to work as creative individuals in a world of integrated technologies. Upon graduating, students possess the experience, discipline, and skillsets needed to attend a four-year college or university, enroll in an arts conservatory program, and/or pursue a professional career in the digital workforce.

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