Student/Alumni Stories

The Mekjian Family Culinary Arts & Hospitality students served more than 800 guests in 12 nights of service at Class Kitchen, a student-run pop-up restaurant, spearheaded by Austin January (’16) and Noah Rosen (‘16). Their successful endeavor landed them a spot on the Orange County Register’s Most Influential: Sixteen People to Watch in Orange County Next Year and the recipients of Disney’s Dreamers and Doers Shining Stars Award.

They have been featured in the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times

At the 2017 California ProStart Cup, the OCSA Restaurant Management Team received 1st place for overall performance and will be representing California at the National ProStart Invitational. The Level 4 Culinary Team received 7th place and the Level 3 Culinary Team received 18th place. 

Restaurant Management Team: Emily Fedorchek (’18), Hannah MacDonald (’18), and Amber Rahim (’18)

Level 3 Culinary Team: Paige Letson ('18), Jason Narvaez ('18), and Ryan Parcells ('18)

Level 4 Culinary Team: Angeline Jiang ('17), Paola Maldonado ('17), Emily Mazurco ('17), and Alex Nishizawa ('17)

Click here to watch the 2016 California ProStart Cup Highlight Video!

Cloyce Martin (‘19) won multiple episodes as a contestant on Man Vs. Child: Chef Showdown

Watch Cloyce on Man Vs. Child: Chef Showdown here!

At the 2016 California ProStart Cup, the Kitchen Skills Team received the People's Choice Award for plating while the OCSA Restaurant Management Team received 2nd place for overall performance.

Kitchen Skills Team: Angeline Jiang (’17), Jason Flores (’17), and Kaitlin Wilmot (’16)

Restaurant Management Team: Katie Derr (’16), Hollie Bray (’17), Geena Meyhoefer (’17), and Zoe Saliba (’17)

Click here to watch the 2017 California ProStart Cup Highlight Video!