Student and Alumni Stories

The Mekjian Family Culinary Arts & Hospitality students served more than 800 guests in 12 nights of service at Class Kitchen, a student-run pop-up restaurant, spearheaded by Austin January (CAH, ’16) and Noah Rosen (CAH, ‘16). Their successful endeavor landed them a spot on the Orange County Register’s Most Influential: Sixteen People to Watch in Orange County Next Year and the recipients of Disney’s Dreamers and Doers Shining Stars Award.

They have been featured in the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times

Sammie Gee (CAH, ‘24) was recognized for culinary excellence, artistry, presentation, and service for original handcrafted hors d'oeuvres at OC Wonderland.

Hannah MacDonald (CAH, ‘18) was selected to work as a project coordinator for Jacobs Doland Beer, the largest food service design firm in the United States.

The following students from The Mekjian Culinary Arts & Hospitality Conservatory were invited to participate in the MaxLove Project Farm to Fork Dinner at Tanaka Farms, which raises funds to fight childhood cancer.

Marie Acalin (CAH, ‘24)
Alexis Arvizu (CAH, ‘24)
Lindsay Bae (CAH, ‘23)
Aurelia Carrie (CAH, ‘23)
Dong Won Chang (CAH, ‘23)
Aveline Chauchereau (CAH, ‘22)
Hazel Ciufo (CAH, ‘24)
Lanna Gale (CAH, ‘23)
Naya Garg (CAH, ‘24)
Samantha Gee (CAH, ‘24)
Kim Ha (CAH, ‘24)
Darian Hojreh (CAH, ‘22)
Megan Hughes (CAH, ‘24)
Sam Johnson (CAH, ‘22)
Samuel Laven (CAH, ‘23)
Lexi Layne (CAH, ‘24)
Bree Lew (CAH, ‘23)
Madison (Star) Lu (CAH, ‘22)
Kyleigh Nielson (CAH, ‘23)
Mia Octavio (CAH, ‘23)
Ryan Okajima (CAH, ‘23)
Kim Paige (CAH, ‘22)
Noga Raz (CAH, ‘24)
Brieanna Samaniego (CAH, ‘24)
Tira Smith (CAH, ‘24)
Jordan Spence (CAH, ‘24)
Evelyn Wu (CAH, ‘23)

The following students placed in the California Restaurant Foundation’s Prostart Cup Competition and competed against 27 other high schools and 194 students.

Wienerschnitzel's Dress Your Dog Competition
1st place: Madison "Star" Lu (CAH, ‘22)
2nd place: Naya Garg (CAH, ‘24)
Taco Throwdown
2nd place: Naya Garg (CAH, ‘24)
Cupcake Bake-Off
2nd place: Natalie Dixon (CAH, ‘22)

Create + Curate: Original Menu
1st place: Isabella Vegh (CAH, ‘21)
Branding Challenge: Logo + Marketing
1st place: Isabella Vegh (CAH, ‘21)
3rd place: Madison "Star" Lu (CAH, ‘22)
Design Challenge: Floorplan + Decor
1st place: Isabella Vegh (CAH, ‘21)
2nd place: Madison "Star" Lu (CAH, ‘22)

Geena Meyhoefer (CAH, ‘17) was hired as the meetings & events manager at The Colonnade Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.