Your OCSA School Counselor is happy to work with you anytime you have questions or concerns about your Academics, College/Career goals, or your Personal/Social/Emotional development.


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School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the OCSA School Counseling Program is to foster a healthy school culture and environment that nurtures and inspires all students to achieve their highest individual potential, both academically and artistically, by addressing their Academic, College/Career, Personal, Social, and Emotional/Mental-Health Development, through the combination of: Classroom Lessons, Small Group Counseling, and Individual Student Planning meetings.

OCSA Counselors collaborate with other educational leaders, parents/guardians, and community members to advocate for equitable access to a rigorous education, in order to prepare all students to graduate college-and-career-ready as creative problem-solvers, responsible lifelong learners, and multiculturally appreciative citizens.

School Counseling Program Vision Statement:

All OCSA students benefit from a comprehensive School Counseling Program, driven by student data and based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model supporting: Academic Development, College/Career Development, and Personal, Social, Emotional/Mental-Health Development.  

As both academically and artistically high-achieving learners and performers, all OCSA students graduate: college-and-career-ready; well-prepared to meet the challenges of a global, multicultural 21st century workforce; and with creative, problem-solving skills and a passion for lifelong learning.  

All OCSA graduates are productive citizens, who achieve their fullest potential — academically, occupationally, personally, socially, and emotionally — making a lasting positive impact on our school and the greater community.