About the Parent Support Organization (PSO)

The PSO supports OCSA in a myriad of ways, including organizing teachers/staff appreciation events, coordinating new student/parent welcome receptions, scheduling parent education presentations, coordinating volunteer opportunities, and fulfilling any needs OCSA asks of us!

One of our most important tasks is managing the PSO Make It So! Grant Program Since its creation in 2010, PSO has given back over $110,000 in grant funds that support our teachers and students.  Your $20 tax-deductible donation goes directly to the PSO Make It So! Grant Program which provides academic teachers and conservatories with "wish list" items that are outside their budgets.

PSO events provide parents with opportunities to interact with both fellow parents and OCSA staff. You will find that staying connected to the OCSA community promotes collaboration between your family and the school in meeting the needs of all our students.

PSO Membership

Your $20 tax-deductible donation will help OCSA's faculty and staff make school a greater place to learn, and will help make OCSA an even greater place for students to discover themselves. Over the past several years our support has grown, with over $120,000 going back to our school. Here's a small sampling of what our organization has been able to provide: 

  • A $5,000 grant to OCSA's science department for smartboards and software
  • A set of graphing calculators for the math department
  • Documents cameras for the math and lit & comp departments
  • DVD libraries for the Social Studies and the Literature & Composition classes
  • Sound systems for the Webb and Symphony Hall Theatres
Just Ask OCSA - PSO Parent Education Blog

Just Ask OCSA - PSO Parent Education Blog

JustAsk OCSA is a blog for parents with questions about the Orange County School of the Arts.  questions can either be emailed to pso@ocsarts.net or posted directly on the blog.  We'll find an expert to answer your inquiries and post responses.  It's that easy! The identity of the parents asking questions will remain anonymous.  Please use the blog as a place to engage in constrcutive conversations about issues that affect you and your students.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Visit the PSO JustAsk Blog today!

2016-2017 Board and Committee Members

Executive Board

  • Margaret Matthews
  • Faye Chen
    Co-Vice President
  • Kelly Townsend
  • Mitzi Minnerman
    Co-Vice President
  • Shelly Wilcox
    Assistant Secretary
  • Patrick Yrarrázaval-Correa
  • John Straw
    Assistant Treasurer
  • David Ahern
    Assistant Treasurer

Chairpersons and Committee Leaders

  • Virginia Murphy
    Membership Co-Chair
  • Adele Tagaloa
    Membership Co-Chair
  • Lee Tagaloa
    Membership Co-Chair
  • Lisa Matthews
    Membership Co-Chair
  • Kim Napoleone
    Communications & Publicity Chair
  • Koren Takata
    Ways & Means Co-Chair
  • Yvonne Cook-Todrick
    Ways & Means Co-Chair
  • Frances Gorospe
    Ways & Means Co-Chair
  • Lisa Matthews
    Ways & Means Co-Chair
  • Open Position
    Parent Education Chair
  • Liana Padilla
    Hospitality & Staff Appreciation Co-Chair
  • Tami Morrison
    Hospitality & Staff Appreciation Co-Chair
  • Nada Bagdadi
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Malena Gibson
    Policy Advisor
  • Shannon Cutler
    Member at Large
  • Susan Paterno
    Member at Large


The PSO Volunteer Program provides you with volunteer opportunities in a wide variety of areas at OCSA. Volunteer procedures can be found here, and please come back to this space often, or visit our Facebook page, for Sign Up Genius relating to current volunteer opportunities.


The new PSO Volunteer Program, Little Goes a Long Way, assists the school's staff in achieving their daily challenging academics and professional goals by organizing and provided volunteers as needed. If any staff, academic or conservatory, is in need of volunteers, simply fill out and submit our Teacher Volunteer Request Form.

The PSO would like to encourage all our students to sign up for any volunteer opportunity available, and those hours can be applied to your community service requirements. Students can submit an application by going to Student Volunteer Application, and you will receive emails from the PSO regarding volunteer opportunities that are available at OCSA.

We are always working along with the school's administration office on reviewing OCSA Volunteering Procedures. Our intentions are to ensure the safety and the security of our students and staff which requires certain procedures that the volunteers must do before volunteering.

Supervised Volunteers
Volunteers who are under the direct supervision of OCSA staff at all times while students are present are considered "Supervised Volunteers." Fingerprinting is not required for "Supervised Volunteers."

Unsupervised Volunteers 
Volunteers who ARE NOT under the direct supervision of OCSA staff at all times while students are present are considered "Unsupervised Volunteers." Fingerprinting is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT. If you have already done your live fingerprint screening for any other school before attending OCSA, you DON'T have to get it done again. Although, you have to provide a copy of ...... ( More info coming soon regarding providing copies to school ).