California Department of Education (CDE) Notice

Two organizations filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Education (CDE) in April 2012.  As part of this lawsuit, the court has ordered CDE to share data that contain personally identifiable student information.  A protective order prohibits the use of this confidential information outside the context of this lawsuit; no student’s identifying records will be disclosed to the public.

CDE is obligated to inform parents/students that the court has ordered it to produce documents and/or data that includes students’ personally identifiable information and that parents/students may object directly to the court regarding this disclosure.

CDE is requesting that school districts post the following link to CDE’s website through April 1, 2016:

The link includes:

  • A copy of the Court’s order.
  • An objection form that parents may send by U.S. Mail to the United States District Court in Sacramento, to request that their student’s data not be shared by CDE.