OCSA Metrolink Shuttle To/From Santa Ana Station (parent-paid)

  • We have a school bus that picks up OCSA Metrolink riders in the morning at the Santa Ana Station and returns them to the station after school.
  • This parent-paid OCSA Metrolink Shuttle*, provides station-to-school-to-station bus service from the Santa Ana Train Station. This shuttle is used in conjunction with a parent-purchased Metrolink Train ticket.  Student Discounted (25%) Metrolink Train One-Way and Round-Trip, 7-Day, and monthly passes are available directly from Metrolink.
  • The OCSA school bus leaves the Santa Ana Train Station at 7:45 am and arrives at OCSA approximately 10 minutes later.
  • After School, the 7th and 8th grade school bus leaves at 3:35 pm, and the 9th - 12th grade bus leaves at 4:55 pm, arriving at the station about 10 minutes later.
  • An OCSA Shuttle Pass (issued by OCSA) is required to board the OCSA Metrolink Shuttle Bus and can be purchased during Online Registration or at any time throughout the school year.  Click here for the fee schedule.
  • Also, in an emergency, "one-way" OCSA School Bus Passes are available at the 1st floor reception desk. These passes are subject to availability due to limited seats on the School Bus.

    * Depending on your arrival schedule, Free Public OCTA Bus transportation from the Santa Ana Station to OCSA may be available to Mertolink riders. See OCTA Route 83

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Safety & Security

OCSA has never had an incident with our "Metro riders".  The students have learned to stick together. As the train gets closer to Santa Ana it fills with OCSA students.  Currently, we have about 115 riders coming from all directions!  We encourage all parents to familiarize your students with the stations and the routes they will be taking.  We have taken many precautions to make the Metrolink a pleasant experience for your children. Click here for more information

Amtrak "Rails 2 RailsĀ®" Program

Holders of a monthly Metrolink pass (Orange and Ventura County corridors ONLY) are eligible for an Amtrak program called "Rails 2 Rails®".  This program allows students holding a monthly pass to ride Metrolink or Amtrak trains.  However, it is only available for Amtrak trains coming north from the Oceanside Station or south from the Oxnard Station.  This program is not available for stations located in Riverside or San Bernardino County. Click here for more information

Semester One Way $215
Semester Round-Trip $425
Annual One-Way $425
Annual Round-Trip $850
One-Way Pass (To/From) $5 / Trip *

* Paid upon useage -- Avaliable at OCSA 1st floor reception desk only

OCSA Metrolink Shuttle Pick-up & Drop-off Schedule

OCSA Metrolink Shuttle
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Schedules.

From / To






(From/To Santa Ana Station)

Santiago St.

7:45 AM

7:55 AM

7th & 8th
3:35 PM

Transit time to station

is about 10 mins.

9th - 12th
4:55 PM

Friday /
Short Days

1:40 PM

* All buses load/unload from the 10th St. bus staging area, all riders are required to show a current OCSA School Metrolink Shuttle Pass upon boarding.

[1] Depending on your arrival schedule, FREE Public OCTA Bus transportation from the Santa Ana Train Station to OCSA may be available to Mertolink riders riders. See OCTA Route 83 for more information.

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OCSA Metrolink Shuttle Pass Purchase Information

If you wish to purchase an OCSA Metrolink Shuttle pass for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year, please contact Kathy Machado at kathy.machado@ocsarts.net or call 714-560-0900, ext. 6143.