Student life at Orange County School of the Arts is as unique and vibrant as our students.  From beloved traditions - such as Friday dance parties on 10th Street and our annual Homecoming Dodgeball tournament, to new and exciting events - there is always something happening here!

Want to be a DJ or Play with your Band? 

Fill out these applications to be a DJ on 10th or have your Band play on the Symphony Hall Steps during Lunch! 

To apply to be a DJ, click here

To have your band play, click here

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Welcome Week Festival

Welcome Week Festival

Commemorate the end of the first week of the year with OCSA's annual Welcome Week Festival!  On Friday, August 17th come to 10th street after school to participate in carnival games, eat from food trucks, and have fun with friends!  Families are invited and welcome to join in the festivities.  

Grad Night 2018

You’ve heard about Grad Night – it’s an alcohol and drug-free all-night celebration for the OCSA senior class that follows the graduation ceremony on June 7th.  This event was created to provide a safe and alcohol-free event after the graduation ceremony for all graduates and is exclusively for them. Grad Night is a wonderful way for your graduate to celebrate their accomplishments with friends. Games, dancing, food, prizes, activities and much more will be provided at Grad Night. 

Date: Thursday, June 7, 2018 – Friday, June 8, 2018

Time: 10:00 PM (Thursday) – 6:00 AM (Friday).  Note: This is an overnight Field Trip.

Location: The venue itself is a surprise.  All graduates must be dropped off and picked up from OCSA at the designated times.

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

1. Visit every building on campus.

2. Enter the Halloween costume contest.

3. Rock out with your friends to the DJ on 10th Street.

4. Make a friend in a different conservatory.

5. Go on the roof (with permission!).

6. Support a local artist by visiting the Winter Boutique.

7. Join a club.  Bonus points for starting one.

8. Apologize to someone you treated poorly.

9. Attend an event hosted by a different conservatory. Take a picture and tag it #ocsaspotlight.

10. Get froyo from Mr. Flav on 10th Street.

11. Break a stereotype.

12. Host Art Attack Live.

13. Give Mr. Sprek a high-five.

14.  Start reading the news.  Make it part of your everyday life.

15. Lose something.  Find it in the Lost & Found.

16.  Take an academic elective.  Zoology, comparative government, art history…the possibilities are endless!

17. Talk with someone who is sitting alone. 

18.  Have your picture taken and/or be interviewed for Evolution (the school newspaper).

19.  Dissect something.

20.  Hear Ms. Spicer’s war cry.

21.  Go to a dance if you have even the tiniest smidge of interest in doing so.

22. Learn to do laundry.

23. Be part of a flash mob.

24. Sit on the senior wall.

25. Write a thank you note to a teacher.

26. Play on a dodgeball team.

27. Attend Senior Sunrise.

28. Laugh at with your teachers at Faculty Follies.

29. Drink water from the fountains on all 7 floors of the tower.

30. Find Mr. Pratt and yell “Go Ducks!”

Click here to print a list of "30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate."

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2017-2018 Student Council Election

Would you like to represent your class or the student body in the upcoming school year? For the very first time, the 2017-2018 election will be open to all students. Stay tuned on art attack for further details on how you can participate to be a part of the OCSA student council.

Student Council

Student Council

Meet Your Representatitves! Representing YOUR interests!

OCSA is very excited to announce the 2017-2018 OCSA Student Representatives! The class and student body representatives were chosen through primaries and general elections. You can see the representatives and their mission statements for the year down below:

Student Council meets every Blue Tuesday in room T501.

Taylor Scott and Ben Palajac

Taylor Scott and Ben Palajac

Student Body Representatives

(Instagram: @benandtaylorforprez)

Our mission is to unify the student body by listening, communicating, and facilitating the inclusion of all grades, conservatories, and students in order to strengthen and nourish the OCSA family. We want the entire student body to feel that they have a voice by being able to use our Feedback boxes. This will allow everyone’s voice to be heard when the Leadership class discusses goods and betters about major events. We also want to encourage the beautification of the OCSA campus by making it into a competition, known the the student body as “OCSA Sports.” The students who throw out the most trash by the end of the year will enter a trash throwing competition, where the winner will win a special prize. Another important aspect of OCSA culture is our desire to strive for academic excellence, which we will nourish with our study groups. Students will be able to rent tables for a specific class to study with their peers, so that they can get exchange knowledge with a plethora of people. We believe that these initiatives will help enhance the student body and make it more united, through all grades and conservatories.

Justin Aoki and Bridget Foley

Justin Aoki and Bridget Foley

Senior Representatives

(Instagram: @justinandbridgetseniorreps)

Our mission is to communicate with all of our classmates throughout the year in order to represent their voices while planning senior-exclusive events that will impact our final year at OCSA in the most positive way. As senior representatives, we will not only get the job done, but we will celebrate our final memories as the class of 2018.

Miran Hassan and Ryann Coleman

Miran Hassan and Ryann Coleman

Junior Representatives

(Instagram: @sharkboy.lavalgurl)

Our mission is to create a positive and healthy environment by strengthening the relationships within the class of 2019, making the junior year a remarkable experience. We are dedicated towards creating events for Juniors that encompass our interests, and most importantly we want to get feedback and opinions on all future projects from you! Feel free to contact us through Instagram, email, or phone, and we promise we won't let you down :-)


Kate Hizon and Semilore Ola

Kate Hizon and Semilore Ola

Sophomore Representatives

(Instagram: @semiandkate)

We are working to empower the sophomore class by strengthening student bonds and promoting fun and creative ideas. We want to strengthening bonds not only within conservatories, but between all sophomore students. Ways we hope to achieve this is through: emphasizing conservatory events that often go unpromoted or overlooked, coordinating events that allow us to meet new people and help develop a more cohesive class, Encouraging collaboration in artistic projects. In addition, we hope to create the best OCSA atmosphere for sophomores. This includes: promoting a clean campus environment and a healthy, positive learning environment.


Arielle Schmid and Paige Filipan

Arielle Schmid and Paige Filipan

Freshmen Representatives

(Instagram: @paigeandarielle) Hey Everybody! As your freshman representatives, we have decided that our focus will be on bonding the students of 9th grade. This will happen by keeping our Instagram always active for communication through posts, direct messaging, interviewing, live streaming, and more! We plan to host one seasonal drive and create a singular, incomparable event that is agreed upon within our class of 2021. Follow us on Instagram -@paigeandarielle to keep up on our progress as we improve the freshman experience!

Anika Kothari and Isabel Lyons

Anika Kothari and Isabel Lyons

Middle School Representatives

(Instagram: @vote.anika.and.isabel)

The Mission of our campaign is to make every middle schooler feel represented and connected across all grades and conservatories. We want the OCSA middle school community to feel like they have a voice in the decisions affecting them throughout  the school year.

We want to make every 7th and 8th grader feel represented by making #MSquad parties themed; such as a dance theme or an art theme. This will make the parties all about the students and their passions. Something else we want to do is have a yearbook signing party so everyone has a better opportunity to be connected all year long. The last thing we want to do is to let every student be able to vote for their voice. We will do this by letting the students vote on the theme's of the dance they want!


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