Student life at Orange County School of the Arts is as unique and vibrant as our students.  From beloved traditions - such as Friday dance parties on 10th Street and our annual Homecoming Dodgeball tournament, to new and exciting events - there is always something happening here!


OCHELLA is OCSA’s annual music and art festival modeled after Coachella, featuring performances and artwork from OCSA’s own students. This is the perfect opportunity to go out with a bang on the last Friday of the school year. There will be music, dancing, delicious food, and many other activities to enjoy with good friends, while having a great time at this free event.

Access the powerpoint here on how to submit information, and submit all your information through the Google Form here

Hope to see you all there! 

Grad Night 2017

You’ve heard about Grad Night – it’s an alcohol and drug-free all-night celebration for the OCSA senior class that follows the graduation ceremony on June 15th.  This event was created to provide a safe and alcohol-free event after the graduation ceremony for all graduates and is exclusively for them. Grad Night is a wonderful way for your graduate to celebrate their accomplishments with friends. Games, dancing, food, prizes, activities and much more will be provided at Grad Night. 

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2017 – Friday, June 16, 2017

Time: 10:00 PM (Thursday) – 6:00 AM (Friday).  Note: This is an overnight Field Trip.

Location: The venue itself is a surprise.  All graduates must be dropped off and picked up from OCSA at the designated times.

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

1. Visit every building on campus.

2. Enter the Halloween costume contest.

3. Rock out with your friends to the DJ on 10th Street.

4. Make a friend in a different conservatory.

5. Go on the roof (with permission!).

6. Support a local artist by visiting the Winter Boutique.

7. Join a club.  Bonus points for starting one.

8. Apologize to someone you treated poorly.

9. Attend an event hosted by a different conservatory. Take a picture and tag it #ocsaspotlight.

10. Get froyo from Mr. Flav on 10th Street.

11. Break a stereotype.

12. Host Art Attack Live.

13. Give Mr. Sprek a high-five.

14.  Start reading the news.  Make it part of your everyday life.

15. Lose something.  Find it in the Lost & Found.

16.  Take an academic elective.  Zoology, comparative government, art history…the possibilities are endless!

17. Talk with someone who is sitting alone. 

18.  Have your picture taken and/or be interviewed for Evolution (the school newspaper).

19.  Dissect something.

20.  Hear Ms. Spicer’s war cry.

21.  Go to a dance if you have even the tiniest smidge of interest in doing so.

22. Learn to do laundry.

23. Be part of a flash mob.

24. Sit on the senior wall.

25. Write a thank you note to a teacher.

26. Play on a dodgeball team.

27. Attend Senior Sunrise.

28. Laugh at with your teachers at Faculty Follies.

29. Drink water from the fountains on all 7 floors of the tower.

30. Find Mr. Pratt and yell “Go Ducks!”

Click here to print a list of "30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate."

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Want to be a DJ or Play with your Band? 

Fill out these applications to be a DJ on 10th or have your Band play on the Symphony Hall Steps during Lunch! 

To apply to be a DJ, click here

To have your band play, click here

2017-2018 Student Council Election

Would you like to represent your class or the student body in the upcoming school year? For the very first time, the 2017-2018 election will be open to all students. Stay tuned on art attack for further details on how you can participate to be a part of the OCSA student council.

Student Council

Student Council

Meet Your Representatitves! Representing YOUR interests!

Student Council meets in room T110 the last Blue Tuesday of every month.  Feel free to drop by to express any questions or concerns to your representatives.

Cassandra Hsiao & Brooke Lee

Cassandra Hsiao & Brooke Lee

Student Body Representatives

Our projects for the year include overseeing the Senior Wall handprints, assembling student-designed apparel, and a Mental Health Week. We believe these initiatives will bring the student body together and celebrate art on our campus. 

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Yoomi Kim & Kat De Nicola

Yoomi Kim & Kat De Nicola

Senior Representatives

Our goal this year as Senior Representatives is to make a memorable year for the senior class. By organizing senior sunrise, senior sunset, class name, and senior apparel, we want to help unite the senior class. We are also devoting oursevles to making sure that all seniors are aware of important senior deadlines and events through greater publicity. We want the senior class to feel represented and end the year strongly. You can find us on Facebook or on Instagram, or by emailing us! 

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Join the Facebook Page! Group Name: Let's Graduate 2017 (OCSA)

Emails: &

David Pulido & Adrian Delcan

David Pulido & Adrian Delcan

Junior Representatives

This year as your Junior Representatives, we assure that everyone's voices are heard. By maintaining our already accepting culture and expanding on our unique values, we will unify the Junior Class into one family. We like to have fun and make jokes while also being able to get things done. We'll try our best to make sure everyone is able to participate in great changes in our school. Our goal is to positively influence the Class of 2018, and make OCSA the school that we all dream to go to. 

Logan Soderling & Tessa Taylor

Logan Soderling & Tessa Taylor

Sophomore Representatives

As Sophomore Representatives our projects include a sophomore movie night to encourage the communication and the connection between students in the sophomore class regardless of their conservatory, as well as a sophomore social media campaign where we will showcase exemplary students in both the academic and artistic realms in the 10th grade. We hope in doing so, we will create a connected class of 2019 and enable the creation of friendships that will last a lifetime. Follow us on Instagram for updates and information regarding the Sophomore class! @OCSAClassof2019

Aaron Anderson & Justin You

Aaron Anderson & Justin You

Freshmen Representatives

Our goal for the class of 2020 is to unite or students and teachers! By planning events such as Science Fair and OCSA’s First Annual Talent Show, we’ll be able to fully bring OCSA students and teachers together for fun and entertainment. We will make sure to address, or at least acknowledge student concerns for the better. You can message us on our Instagram account, and we can talk from there! @ocsa_9th

Sophia Chun & Emma Young

Sophia Chun & Emma Young

Middle School Representatives

As Middle School Representatives, are planning to have a Middle School book drive and an end of the year get together. We want to build a strong middle school community where everyone feels welcome and equal. Get updates on our Instagram!

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