Student life at Orange County School of the Arts is as unique and vibrant as our students.  From beloved traditions - such as Friday dance parties on 10th Street and our annual Homecoming Dodgeball tournament, to new and exciting events - there is always something happening here!

Student Activities Month of...


Club Rush

Club Rush

Virtual Club Rush is on September 24! Join the Club Google Classroom to access the slideshow where clubs have made informational slides and included a Google Classroom code to join the club.

Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff

Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff

Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October 15! Check Aeries Communications and the OCSA Leadership youtube channel to watch the kickoff celebration video. Stay tuned for themed Spotify playlists, @ocsadaily takeovers, and other fun activities to celebrate this month!

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

1. Visit every building on campus.

2. Enter the Halloween costume contest.

3. Rock out with your friends to the DJ on 10th Street.

4. Make a friend in a different conservatory.

5. Go on the roof (with permission!).

6. Support a local artist by visiting the Winter Boutique.

7. Join a club.  Bonus points for starting one.

8. Apologize to someone you treated poorly.

9. Attend an event hosted by a different conservatory. Take a picture and tag it #ocsaspotlight.

10. Get froyo from Mr. Flav on 10th Street.

11. Break a stereotype.

12. Host Art Attack Live.

13. Give Mr. Sprek a high-five.

14.  Start reading the news.  Make it part of your everyday life.

15. Lose something.  Find it in the Lost & Found.

16.  Take an academic elective.  Zoology, comparative government, art history…the possibilities are endless!

17. Talk with someone who is sitting alone. 

18.  Have your picture taken and/or be interviewed for Evolution (the school newspaper).

19.  Dissect something.

20.  Hear Ms. Spicer’s war cry.

21.  Go to a dance if you have even the tiniest smidge of interest in doing so.

22. Learn to do laundry.

23. Be part of a flash mob.

24. Sit on the senior wall.

25. Write a thank you note to a teacher.

26. Play on a dodgeball team.

27. Attend Senior Sunrise.

28. Laugh at with your teachers at Faculty Follies.

29. Drink water from the fountains on all 7 floors of the tower.

30. Find Mr. Pratt and yell “Go Ducks!”

Click here to print a list of "30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate."

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Student Council

Student Council

Meet Your Representatives! Representing YOUR interests!

The 2018-2019 Student Council has been elected!  Meet your representatives below.

Britney Lee and Euni Lee

Britney Lee and Euni Lee

Student Body Co-Presidents

Our goals are to unite OCSA’s one of a kind student body through our shared passion for the arts, community service, and celebration. This year, we’d like to showcase more student art through sticker sales and a mural, host casual dances, and combine OCSA Thrift and Pride.

Jillian Schlecter and Erin Ahn

Jillian Schlecter and Erin Ahn

Middle School Representatives

Our mission as middle school representatives is to make everyone feel welcomed. We know it’s hard to be new, so we want to make sure everyone are included and that their voices are being hard. We want every middle schoolers to have the best middle school year they can possibly have.


1. Hold some fun movie nights that can allow you to have some fun with friends and making some new ones

2. We plan to have a Christmas themed social where students make some more friends


Anika Kothari and Isabel Lyons

Anika Kothari and Isabel Lyons

Freshman Representatives

To bring together the 9th grade class through fun activities throughout the year, we want the new 9th grade students to feel connected to the returning students.

The mission of our campaign is to make all freshmen feel like they have a place to be themselves. We want the OCSA 9th grade community to always be aware of what's going on around them.



  1. Ice Cream Social: We want to have events where all freshmen can bond while enjoying ice cream. We would have fun games set up so after the students finish their ice cream, they can enjoy fun games with each other. We would as have lots of board games to encourage everyone to play something! There will be fun prizes to encourage the students to win! There could be music while the students play.

  2. Monthly emails updates: We want everyone to always be aware of upcoming events such as show, or events! Although the school has other forms of communication, sometimes the freshman information gets lost in between that of the other grades, but with this system the freshmen class will be able to be informed of everything that only retains to them.

  3. Winter Movie night: Last year the movie night was a huge success, so we thought it would be fun to do it again! This year we want to let the students vote for a winter themed movie, so everyone feels like a part of the decision make done, and this makes them aware of the event before it happens . We could possibly put on a gift exchange, which would be lots of fun! We want to make the freshmen community feel like they can have a break after a hectic week by letting them be able to sit down exchange some gifts.




Arielle Schmid and Paige Filipan

Arielle Schmid and Paige Filipan

Sophomore Representatives

Our mission as sophomore representatives is to create a “groovy” environment for the class of 2021. This will happen by offering more diverse food and drink options, improving the communicative bond between the representatives and students, and hosting a 70s themed sophomore skate night.



1) We want to make the sophomore class more spirited by having constant reminders of school-wide events on our instagram platform: @PaigeandArielle. This keeps all of the students updated and excited for the future events.

2) We would like to bring students out to tenth street to have fun with all the activities and represent the class of 2021 by selling snacks and drinks during lunch!

3)Lastly, we would like to continue our tradition of hosting a large grade-wide event. We would specifically like to do a skate night!


Instagram Handle:



Emilia Angotti and Isabel Pulido

Emilia Angotti and Isabel Pulido

Junior Representatives

As Junior representatives we wish to rehabilitate OCSA culture that has been lost in the past years by implementing fun events and activities for the whole class to participate in. Our goal as Junior Representatives is to make junior (perceived as the most stressful high school year) the most fun and stress free year as possible. As Junior representatives we want to represent the junior class as diverse as it is. If elected we would like to recreate the culture of OCSA that has been lost as the years have carried on. In earlier years when drum circles were a weekly activity on 10th street as high school students jammed out being comfortable with the people around them. As we have been attending OCSA, since 7th grade, we have seen the acceptance and inclusiveness of OCSA start to diminish. While being representatives we wish to bring back this culture by hosting concerts for local bands (both OCSA students and local artists) to reunite the class through music and positivity. Junior year is the most stressful year of high school, this information being passed down from parents, seniors, and graduates curates an unhealthy environment for students which as representatives, we would like to change. As representatives we would provide fun activities to ease the minds of fellow juniors and remind them that mental and physical health should be the top priority for us teenagers.


1)  Off campus lunch

2)  OCSA concerts (renting out The Observatory or Locker Room)

3)  Field trip (discovery cube or trampoline park)

4)  Taco Truck Tuesday

5)  Craft Station Socials

Miran Hassan and Ryann Coleman

Miran Hassan and Ryann Coleman

Senior Representatives

Our Mission is to ensure that all OCSA Seniors will take time to reflect, take in their final year of high school, and make each day count. By creating an energetic, and fun environment for all students through a variety of unique events, we will make every senior’s 2018-2019 year one to remember for a lifetime.


1. Create a fun, memorable year for all OCSA seniors, through never before seen events suited to every interest of the senior class.

2. Uplifting the Senior class during stressful times such as college application season, through reminders of unity and comfort through events such as a movie night, or social.

3. Host many fundraisers to support new senior class events, as well as to give back to charities that the seniors are passionate about.

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