Student life at Orange County School of the Arts is as unique and vibrant as our students.  From beloved traditions - such as Friday dance parties on 10th Street and our annual Homecoming Dodgeball tournament, to new and exciting events - there is always something happening here!

Student Activities Month of...


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Get in your car with your family and come join us at OCSA on Friday, December 4th anytime between 2-5 pm for our drive-through Winter Wonderland! There will be a canned food, toys, and school supplies donation drive, free prepackaged holiday goodie bags, a game, prizes, music, and more! This event will be socially distanced and follow the CDC guidelines. Students can also participate in our virtual ugly sweater contest for a chance to win a $25 gift card of their choice from November 30 to December 4th. We hope to see you there!

Winter Spirit Week

Winter Spirit Week

Hey OCSA! Dress up for the Winter Spirit Week! The dress-up days are as follows: Monday, December 7th Lazy Monday: Wear your favorite holiday PJs and be sure to check out OCSA Daily for fun holiday snacks! Tuesday, December 8th: 32º Tuesday: Dress like it’s cold with lots of layers! Wednesday, December 9th Penguin Day: Show off your favorite black and white outfit! Thursday, December 10th Throwback Thursday: Post a winter picture from your childhood on social media! Be sure to tag @ocsa.leadership! Friday, December 11th Class Colors Day: Wear your new class color to show off your class spirit! 7th grade - Yellow, 8th grade - Orange, 9th grade - Red, 10th grade - Purple, 11th grade - Green, 12th grade - Blue Want to win a target gift card? Submit a picture of you participating in Spirit Week to the google form. Fill out the form each day with a picture of your participation. One day of participation equals one raffle entry to win a $15 Target gift card! There will be three winners! You will be emailed your gift card if you win.

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate

1. Visit every building on campus.

2. Enter the Halloween costume contest.

3. Rock out with your friends to the DJ on 10th Street.

4. Make a friend in a different conservatory.

5. Go on the roof (with permission!).

6. Support a local artist by visiting the Winter Boutique.

7. Join a club.  Bonus points for starting one.

8. Apologize to someone you treated poorly.

9. Attend an event hosted by a different conservatory. Take a picture and tag it #ocsaspotlight.

10. Get froyo from Mr. Flav on 10th Street.

11. Break a stereotype.

12. Host Art Attack Live.

13. Give Mr. Sprek a high-five.

14.  Start reading the news.  Make it part of your everyday life.

15. Lose something.  Find it in the Lost & Found.

16.  Take an academic elective.  Zoology, comparative government, art history…the possibilities are endless!

17. Talk with someone who is sitting alone. 

18.  Have your picture taken and/or be interviewed for Evolution (the school newspaper).

19.  Dissect something.

20.  Hear Ms. Spicer’s war cry.

21.  Go to a dance if you have even the tiniest smidge of interest in doing so.

22. Learn to do laundry.

23. Be part of a flash mob.

24. Sit on the senior wall.

25. Write a thank you note to a teacher.

26. Play on a dodgeball team.

27. Attend Senior Sunrise.

28. Laugh at with your teachers at Faculty Follies.

29. Drink water from the fountains on all 7 floors of the tower.

30. Find Mr. Pratt and yell “Go Ducks!”

Click here to print a list of "30 Things to Do at OCSA before You Graduate."

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Student Council

Student Council

Meet Your Representatives! Representing YOUR interests!

The 2020-2021 Student Council has been elected!  Meet your representatives below.

Jackie Lichter and Connor Yew

Jackie Lichter and Connor Yew

Student Body Co-Presidents

We strive to support and advocate for our student body in an effort to create a campus that every student can call home. Our goals are  to showcasing student art and community outreach. Student art will be shown by implementing a project that allows student art to be showcased on the Tower stairs, similar to the Koi Fish on the DMS stairs. Community outreach will be executed by creating a virtual market place, similar to Winter Market, and donating the proceeds to an organization of students’ choice.

Kaitlyn Byer and David Lyons

Kaitlyn Byer and David Lyons

Middle School Representatives

The mission of our campaign is to “pep up” school spirit and culture with interactive events so we can energize middle schoolers and create stronger friendships between them.


1. Ice Cream Social 

Middle schoolers gather in the quad during a time and day to be determined, to socialize while enjoying ice cream and music. This gives 7th and 8th graders a chance to meet new people, build stronger relationships, and make lasting memories. 


2.“Field Day”  Interactive outdoor games/ events

Varied interactive games will be held during the school year in the quad.  Games such as Ring Toss,  Egg and Spoon Race, Drop and Pop Relay (sit on a chair to pop a balloon) and other games to be determined, will be organized for the students to play together. 


3. Walk out of Poverty Community Service 

   This is a community service opportunity where students can walk together and join charity organization Concern America in the Walk Out of Poverty event and walk in support of a globally-focused community support organization. We contacted the Executive Director of Concern America and they would be happy to collaborate with our students.

Brady Moore and Lauren Kimball

Brady Moore and Lauren Kimball

Freshman Representatives

This year we would like to bring together our class through virtual social events. Eventually we plan on gathering our freshman class together through bonfires, a mercy house sock drive, and many online events. Since there are so many incoming students we would like for everyone to get to know each other by bonding through these events. Although we don’t know what the future holds, we know that we will create a great freshman experience for the class of 2024. We can’t wait to have  a great year with everyone!

Yujen Lin and Audrey Chang

Yujen Lin and Audrey Chang

Sophomore Representatives

As Sophomore Representatives, we would love to bring more students together through virtual social events. Many students are still strangers due to the size of our school, and this would be a great opportunity to make our community closer. Sophomores are introduced to more strenuous classes such as APs and weighted classes this year, therefore we would love to provide more fun events to make our sophomore year more memorable. We want to support the class of 2023 and relieve students from the stress of the school year.  We would like to make this year run as smoothly as possible so students feel ready for their final years at OCSA.


Virtual hangouts 

Virtually meet with other sophomores through discord or zoom and playing games like, among us, and/or other online games.


Volunteer opportunities 

Providing more opportunities for volunteer hours to build up resumes for college applications 

Online volunteer opportunities will be the focus 



Donate children toys for Operation Christmas Child (This is a christian organisation, if religious fundraisers/organisations are not allowed we will find another. We can have another sign up genius

Recycling to help the environment and fundraise 

The fundraisers that help raise money for the sophomore class of 2023 will go to social event

Anika Kothari and Isabel Lyons

Anika Kothari and Isabel Lyons

Junior Representatives

Our mission is to unite our junior class in efforts to do good in the world and do well later on in life through community service opportunities, information, and resources to begin the college application process. 

Our goals for this year:

  1. Create a website that acts as an easy way to access junior-specific information including, scholarship opportunities, school updates, and student shoutouts to highlight the amazing things our peers are doing.

  2. Hold a backpack donation drive where juniors will have the opportunity to donate school supplies so we can help underfunded schools together. 

  3. Put on an ice cream social at the end of the year (when it is safe) to applaud students for their hard work throughout this unique school year and make our grade feel connected. We want to include dairy-free options to keep this event inclusive.

Melanie Kallah and Dana Worrell

Melanie Kallah and Dana Worrell

Senior Representatives

We aim to promote wellness, fun, and connection within the senior class during their last year at OCSA. Through the events we host, we hope to create memories that the seniors can carry on with them after they graduate. Besides working to deliver on each of our platform ideas, we want to be able to amplify the voices of the senior class to best represent them. Furthermore, we will use our platform to promote senior related opportunities and important information to keep the senior class up to date. 

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