The Popular Music Conservatory is a commercial and contemporary music program that provides talented and passionate students with a nurturing and empowering environment, promoting musical creativity, musical collaboration, and innovation within the popular music industry. Students learn the art of music performance, music production, arranging, and songwriting through a detailed curriculum enhanced by state-of-the-art technology.  


  • Music Theory Courses
    Levels I-IV
  • Primary Instrument Courses
    Voice II, Keyboard II, Guitar II, Bass II, & Drum Lab II
  • Secondary Instrument Courses
    Voice I, Keyboard I, Guitar I, Bass I, & Drum Lab I
  • Lead Sheet & Transcriptions
    Prerequisite to Arranging Courses
  • Film and Game Scoring
  • Songwriting Courses
    Songwriting I & Advanced Songwriting
  • Music Business & Media
  • Recording Courses
    Recording I/II & Advanced Recording (ProTools)
  • Arranging Classes
    Levels I-II
  • Rock Ensemble
    Concert Preparation


  • Rachel Kramer
    Director, Popular Music Conservatory
  • Calvin Anderson
    Guitar I/II
  • Baba Elefante
    Bass I/II
  • Gregory Fletcher
    Voice I/II, Songwriting I, Advanced Songwriting
  • Eddie Grey
    Film & Game Scoring
  • Ron Kobayashi
    Keyboard II
  • Devin Norris
    Keyboards I
  • Jamond McCoy
    Music Theory III/IV, Arranging I/II
  • Scott Ragotskie
    Recording I/II, Advanced Recording Techniques
  • Jeff Ruiz
    Rock Ensemble
  • Brandon Snyder
    Music Business & Media
  • Tony Torres
    Drum Lab I/II, Rock Ensemble