MONTAGE! features several of the Orange County School of the Arts' most celebrated performance ambassadors. Comprised of talented student artists in grades 7-12 auditioned from the school's fourteen arts conservatory programs, this group has been praised for its high-energy, professional level performances. MONTAGE! combines the talent of singers, dancers, instrumentalists, actors and other aspiring young artists in unforgettable performances. 


MONTAGE!’s preexisting repertoire includes 15-30 minute variety shows comprised of large group numbers, trios, duets or soloists (a list of current song options can be sent upon request), which can be customized to suit the needs of your event. In addition, MONTAGE! offers a 45-minute scripted holiday performance, contemporary a cappella holiday tunes, contemporary pop tunes, a cappella pop selections, various Great American Songbook options, a contemporary string quartet and coffee house style acoustic set. BOOM! (Brass of OCSA's MONTAGE!) is an upbeat urban street band, which features many of OCSA's celebrated brass players and percussionists. BOOM! will be performing upbeat contemporary tunes and will be completely acoustic, which makes this group a perfect fit for any event or venue. MONTAGE! can also create original repertoire specifically for your private party or event, including everything from one customized number to a fully staged production. MONTAGE! has been highlighted at a variety of community and private events, including:

MONTAGE! Auditions

Instrumentalist Auditions

Interdepartmental Open Call for ALL 7th - 12th Grade Instrumentalist.

Tuesday, June 6th 2017 and Wednesday, June 7th 2017

Tuesday: 1:40-6:10 p.m.

Wednesday: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Webb Theatre CB 10 and 11

Audition Material: Please bring an excerpt of a prepared piece of choice. Any genre is acceptable.

Come prepared to play one of the selections provided below (your choice). You may play ½ of the longer selections. Rehearsal tracks are included below in a separate link.

Click here to schedule your MONTAGE! Instrumental Audition!

Click here to print your MONTAGE! Instrumental Application!

Click here to access the Brass and Winds Audition Materials!

Click here to access the Rhythm Section Audition Materials!

Click here to access the Strings Audition Materials!

Click here to access the Tracks for Instrumentalists Auditions!

Vocal Auditions

Interdepartmental Open Call for ALL 7th - 12th Grade Vocalists

Tuesday, June 6th 2017

Time: 2:00-7:00 p.m.

Location: Annex room 18

Click here to schedule your MONTAGE! Vocal Audition!

Click here to print your MONTAGE! Vocal Application!

Dance Auditions

Interdepartmental Open Call for ALL 7th - 12th Grade Dancers

Wednesday, June 7th 2017

Time: 2:00-7:00 p.m.

Location: Annex room 18

Click here to schedule your MONTAGE! Dance Audition!

Click here to print your MONTAGE! Dance Application!

Dance and Vocal Callbacks

Thursday, June 8th 2017

Vocalists: 2:00-4:30pm

Dancers: 3:30-5:00pm

Location: Annex room 17 and 18


Can MONTAGE! students participate in outside activities such as shows, sports, etc.?

Participating in outside activities after school hours is a family decision, except when outside commitments interfere with MONTAGE!. When that activity is related to OCSA, it is expected that students of OCSA's MONTAGE! conduct themsleves in a professional manner as they are representing OCSA as performance ambassadors.

What factors are considered in the continued participation of a MONTAGE! student?

You are being evaluated year round at every rehearsal and performance. Your participation in MONTAGE! is not guaranteed from year to year. Auditions will be held yearly in June.

Here is an example of our evaluation rubric:

  • How you contribute to the MONTAGE! team
  • Training/Experience
  • Motivation/Energy
  • Positive attitude
  • Preparedness 
  • Vocal range/singing ability
  • Excessive conflicts
  • Classroom conduct
  • Attendance/academic probation
  • Suitability for the role/production
  • Excessive demerits/detentions
  • Choice of repertoire (appropriateness, thematic integration, how it showcases you as a performer)


Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

For additional information about MONTAGE! auditions, email our office at montage@ocsarts.net.

Book MONTAGE! for Your Event

Thank you for your interest in booking a performance by the bright and talented students of the Orange County School of the Arts. We appreciate your consideration in featuring our students as part of your upcoming special event! 

Please note that we request an honorarium for our student performance groups. All performance honorariums represent the school’s actual expenses associated with the student performances outlined in the enclosed documents, including on-site staff chaperone(s), staff time for event coordination and student rehearsals, transportation, make-up, costume use and cleaning, and other necessary costs. All additional tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated and are designated to the students’ arts conservatory program(s) for future enrichment opportunities and/or needed supplies.

To secure MONTAGE! for your upcoming event, please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you in one to two business days to discuss your upcoming event in greater detail.  For additional information, or to book one of our other student performance groups, please contact Cindy Peca, Creative Director at 714.560.0900 Ext. 6810 or montage@ocsarts.net

Thank you, once again, for your support of the next generation of world-class artists. It is community members like you who make it possible for the Orange County School of the Arts to continue to offer bright and talented students unparalleled opportunities in the arts! 

What do I need to know about the MONTAGE! auditions?

Can newly accepted students audition also?
Yes, any current student, and all newly accepted students for the 2017-2018 school year can audition.

Can a student audition for all three areas of focus within MONTAGE! (dance, instrumental or vocal)?
Yes, however, if accepted for MONTAGE!, they will be cast in one area of focus; dance, instrumental or vocal, .  Please make sure that an audition is scheduled for each department of interest.

Is there a particular genre or style of music you are looking for?
The casting directors are looking for students who have a fresh young look and are passionate about their art.  MONTAGE! is made up of OCSA’s bright and talented young artists who captivate audiences with their contemporary, upbeat and pop-styled performances.

Do I need to provide a resume and headshot?
Yes, please provide a current resume and headshot. Please be advised that your resume and headshot will NOT be returned to you.

Can anyone at OCSA audition for MONTAGE!?
MONTAGE! is an interdepartmental performing group consisting of newly accepted and returning OCSA students ranging from grades 7 - 12.  Students with a unique skill sets are encouraged to audition, as the Creative Team often features a wide varity of celebrates student artists throughout the year.  If you have a special skills set, please come to the audition prepared to demonstrate your unique talents.

What is the time commitment for MONTAGE! rehearsals?

ALL Dancers and Vocalists: Fridays from 1:45-4:30 p.m. Friday rehearsals are mandatory throughout the school year.

Vocalists ONLY: Tuesdays from 5:00-8:00 p.m.  We ask that you keep Tuesdays available during our busy seasons: October, November, January, February, March, and May. Also, if you are cast in Gala as a vocalist (lead or choir), you will be required to attend ALL Tuesday evening rehearsals from January to March.

Dancers ONLY: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-8:00 p.m. We ask that you keep Tuesdays and Thursdays available during our busy seasons: October, November, January, February, March, and May.  Also, if you are cast in Gala as a dancer, you will be required to attend Tuesday and Thursday evening rehearsals as requested, from January to March.

Are students required to participate at all MONTAGE! events?
As long as the Creative Team is given enough notice, we will make accommodations for any excused absences.

What is the policy for students having rehearsal or show conflicts?

As a MONTAGE! Student, it is your responsibility to effectively communicate your MONTAGE! rehearsal and performance calendar to any non-MONTAGE! endeavors. Conflicts can and will determine casting.

Are there any financial commitments for MONTAGE!?

ALL male students: $250 fee. This includes:

  • MONTAGE! jacket
  • MONTAGE! shirt
  • Performance attire
  • Parties
    • August – Welcome Party. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games.
    • December – Holiday Party. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games.
    • May – End of the year party. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games.
  • Staffing allocations
  • Administrative supplies

ALL female students: $300 fee. This includes:

  • MONTAGE! jacket
  • MONTAGE! shirt
  • Performance attire
  • Parties
    • August – Welcome Party. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games.
    • December – Holiday Party. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games.
    • May – End of the year party. This will include: admission, food, beverage and games.
  • Staffing allocations
  • Administrative supplies
  • Make-up kit. Make-up kit includes:
  • Make-up bag
  • Set of Eyelashes
  • Eyelash Adhesive
  • Make-up Sponge
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Eye shadows

In addition, we ask each student to pay a $75 performance donation for our annual Gala.  

**If you have concerns regarding any of the financial obligations, please contact Cindy Peca at cindy.peca@ocsarts.net.

MONTAGE! Student Outcomes?

Basic Technique

  • Gain experience in standard repertoire of your chosen emphasis
  • Learn to approach material from technical and emotional standpoints  
  • Be able to comfortably perform material of medium to advanced difficulty
  • Be able to master varied stylistic repertoire
  • Be able to identify stylistically correct performance choices
  • Be able to identify expressive performance choices 


  • Gain knowledge, skill, and experience in performing a solo, duet, and ensemble settings 
  • Be able to work cooperatively in an ensemble

Work Habits

  • Develop proper work habits to create quality work in a quick manner
  • Understand how to use rehearsal time in an efficient and focused manner
  • Develop practical skills
  • Time management
  • Responsibility
  • Team work

Building Your Résumé

  • Unique performance and media opportunities
  • Valuable work experience
  • Performance alongside and coaching from professionals in the industry
  • As a member of MONTAGE!, you will receive many personal benefits from the training and once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunities.

Creative Team

Cindy Peca

Cindy Peca

Creative Director


Ms. Peca began teaching at OCSA in 1989 and proudly served as the Assistant Director of the Commercial Dance Conservatory for 13 years.

In 2005, she ambitiously took on the role of Creative Director of MONTAGE! and Special Events and has been creating one-­of-­a­kind performance opportunities for the bright and talented students at OCSA ever since. Ms. Peca began her distinguished career by winning the title of “National Swing Dance Champion” at the young age of 11. Ms. Peca’s career has encompassed professional performances, dance education, and choreography for national university dance teams, feature films, television, commercials, professional sports teams, and stage. She has worked on and choreographed for numerous industrial events such as, Behr Paint, Reebok, Asics, Neutrogena, KMS, and Matrix hair products. Her television credits include, “Coca­Cola,” “Dance Fever,” “Star Search,” and 1984 winner of the “American Bandstand Dance Contest” which is when at the age of 13, she won her first car. Ms. Peca has worked with and choreographed for such celebrities, companies and professional sport teams as, Rita Moreno, Tina Turner, Bob Hope, the Los Angeles Laker Girls, Dick Clark, Merv Griffin, Bob Fosse and Walt Disney Records. Ms. Peca also choreographed the stage production of “Gidget, The Musical” directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

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Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook

Director, Production & Design Conservatory

Mr. Cook joined OCSA in 2008 and previously worked as Technical Director/Lighting Designer for Brite Ideas, Inc., where he provided overall technical direction and lighting and/or sound design for a number of high profile clients and events, including Elton John, Stevie Nicks, Maroon 5, the Orange County Performing Arts Center, J. Paul Getty Museum, Lexus – U.S. Open, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Roberto Cavalli, Variety Magazine, Audi, Samsung, California State University, Fullerton and more.

Mr. Cook spent 19 years as Resident Lighting and Sound Designer for Saddleback College and Saddleback Civic Light Opera. During his tenure, he designed numerous shows and mentored many students who successfully transferred to university programs or into positions within the industry. He was also the project manager for the $1.4 million lighting, audio and rigging system replacement and renovation project. He has served as associate faculty member at Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College and Santa Ana College, where he taught technical theatre and design classes, including stage lighting, theatre production and stagecraft. Mr. Cook has also worked as a freelance designer, production manager or technician for a variety of professional theatre groups, including Utah Shakespeare Festival, Santa Fe Opera Company, Center Theatre Group, Aids Quilt display and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival. Mr. Cook holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Technical Theatre/Design and a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts from California State University, Fullerton.

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Patrick Copeland

Patrick Copeland

Producer, Arranger and Orchestrator

As music director/conductor in theater: “The Light in the Piazza” Southern California regional premiere; “Kiss me Kate”, Covina Center; “Enter the Guardsman”, New American Musical Festival; as keyboardist: “Cats’, La Mirada Theater, 2014, “Legally Blonde”, 3­D Theatricals, 2014;

as composer: “A Joyful Noise”, A Spoken Memorie, with Earl Hamner; “Chillerama’, feature film; “Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror”, feature film; “The Odd Couple” & “Wait until Dark”, original music/sound design, Covina Center; “Dracula”, original music, Costa Mesa Center for the Arts: as sound designer: “2001 Maniacs”, feature film; “Chillerama” feature film: as performer: Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, piano/keyboards/music arranger/sound designer, 2007-present; as teacher: Orange County High School for the Arts, musical director/arranger, ‘Montage’ performance group, 2014-present; other: Artistic Director, Covina Center, 2007-2009; technical director, Covina Center, 2007-2009.

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Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick


Sean Fitzpatrick is a freelance drummer, vocalist, and educator living in Los Angeles, CA. He earned a bachelor's degree in vocal performance from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach, and a master's degree in jazz studies from the California Institute of the Arts with an emphasis in drum set performance.

Sean specializes in many different performance styles including jazz, pop, and classical. He is also an established vocal percussionist and improviser. Sean performs as a drummer in various projects across Southern California. He is also a vocal soloist, percussionist, and section leader for the Cathedral Choir at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. As an educator, Sean has served as vocal, choral, and instrumental coach for Palos Verdes Peninsula High School and San Marino High School, where he also currently holds the position of Musical Director for the theater department. Starting this fall, Sean will be director of the award-winning “Jazz and Tonic” vocal jazz ensemble at CSU Long Beach. Sean has studied with Joe La Barbera, Marvellee Cariaga, Aarón Serfaty, Larry Koonse, Darek Oleszkiewicz, Christine Guter, Andrew Grueschow, David Roitstein, Allan Vogel, and John Baffa. He has performed and recorded with artists such as Beck, James Moody, Charlie Haden, Mike Keneally, and Dena DeRose.

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Marissa Mortenson

Marissa Mortenson

Dance Captian

Marissa is a proud alumnus of OCSA's graduating class of 2015. Training with the Cal Elite Dance Team since the age of 3, Marissa was taught all styles of dance, including tumbling and aerial arts. At 10 years old, Marissa was hand selected to dance in Lewis Logic's "Night of the Hip N Dead" music video.

This is how Marissa's love for performance began to grow. Knowing that dance would always be her passion, Marissa sought to immerse herself completely and auditioned for the Orange County School of the Arts at the age of 11. Marissa spent the most fulfilling 6 years of her life at OCSA in the Commercial Dance Conservatory, eventually becoming Co-Valedictorian in 2014. Marissa was part of many performance groups while attending OCSA, including Dot Comm and Montage! Closest to Marissa's heart were the 3 years she spent instructing dance to local children through a no-cost program named Camp OCSA. It is there that she developed her leadership skills and her love for teaching and children. Currently, Marissa is a dance instructor at Cal Elite Kids, with students ranging in age from 3-16. Because OCSA and Montage were such a big part of her life, she accepted an invitation to return as Montage Dance Captain. Marissa is excited to continue mentoring the kids she loves, and watch them grow as artists. This will be her third year taking on this ever-changing position, and she is truly grateful to Cindy Peca for the opportunity.

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Ziad A. Niazi

Ziad A. Niazi

Technical Director

Ziad Niazi is a California native living in Tustin. He studied in the Production and Design conservatory at the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA). After graduating in 2013, he attended Fullerton College and received his associate’s degree in Arts and Humanities. While at Fullerton College, he was hired by OCSA as the production coordinator for their premiere performing group MONTAGE and as production support for their performances.

In 2016, Mr. Niazi was accepted into Chapman University as a junior transfer to continue his education with the end goal of receiving his Bachelor's in Theatre/Entertainment Technology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In addition to attending school and working at OCSA, Ziad works as a free-lance audio/lighting technician who helps various production companies such as Goodman Audio and Brite Ideas. His list of professional events includes The Golden Globes, NBC Executive Meetings, The Emmy's, and OCSA's multi-million dollar Gala fundraiser held at Hotel Irvine. Once Mr. Niazi receives his bachelors in 2017, he hopes to receive a job with a large company such as Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, or Universal Studios.

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Melissa Tyler Wackerman

Melissa Tyler Wackerman

Muscial Director

Mrs. Wackerman has an extensive entertainment industry background as a performer, event producer, vocal arranger and coach. She has been the vocal arranger for Sesame Street Live and Hello Kitty national tours.

Mrs. Wackerman began her career as a performer at Disneyland, where she played several well­known Disney personalities in shows, parades and as an atmosphere performer throughout the park. In 1985, she was selected to be the Disneyland Ambassador, traveling worldwide as the official spokesperson for media interviews and public appearances, as well as hosting dignitaries at the park. Mrs. Wackerman received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance from the University of California, Los Angeles and performed extensively with the University Chorus. She has performed as a musician, singer and actress throughout the West Coast. Previously, she served as Director of Special Events for Los Angeles Music Center, where she produced the Spotlight Awards and a Tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber. She was a staff producer at the Disneyland Resort and worked on shows and events including the celebrity premiere of Disney’s California Adventure, film premieres and the opening of many lands and attractions. She has also served as Musical Director for numerous shows including Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for Music Theatre Orange County and other community productions. She is an avid volunteer and serves as a leadership coach for non­profit youth organizations.

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Riley Wilson

Riley Wilson

Vocal Director

A Southern California native, Mr. Wilson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Studies and Music Education from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach.

During his collegiate years, he sang in the premier vocal jazz ensemble, Pacific Standard Time, with whom he performed all over the country at schools, festivals, and conferences. Currently, Mr. Wilson is pursuing his passion for vocal music by working with the students of the Orange County School of the Arts, working as a professional musician, and volunteering to direct a choir of stroke survivors in Carson, CA. Mr. Wilson currently resides in Long Beach, CA.

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Alyssa Allen - Class of 2015

Alyssa Allen - Class of 2015

Being a member of MONTAGE! helped me learn how to captivate an audience with a smile. I gained a greater understanding of how to work in the commercial dance industry through the job opportunities given to MONTAGE!, the intense yet very rewarding rehearsals, and the connections made while being a part of this elite group of artists.

I was able to travel and perform with many amazing people and truly learned how to work with others in a loving and supportive environment. MONTAGE! prepared me for the professional world and I am proud to be an alum.

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Brooke Averi - Class of 2011

I always knew OCSA would leave an impact on me, however I didn't realize how often I would be referencing certain tools or experiences that I endured in high school.

Being a part of the performing group Montage! has taught me life long lessons and has prepared me to take on certain challenges you face as a professional performer. 

The audition alone- learning how to show up looking presentable, learning to quickly pick up the choreography and trying to immediately apply a personality behind it, whether finding out you made it or you didn't- was a lesson in itself. For many of us in the future would go through series of auditions and acceptance and denial. 

Being a part of Montage! is like being a mini professional. On top of schoolwork, conservatory, and other outside activities, you must attend additional rehearsals and performances being a part of montage. The biggest thing I learned was time management. How to balance doing homework on your breaks, or in-between rehearsals, while still allowing yourself to have fun in the process. Traveling around and performing at various venues taught me that you won't always perform on a grand stage. Sometimes we would dance on grass, concrete, or on top the schools roof! You never knew what you were going to get until you got there- even if that meant we had to adjust the entire number to fit on the tiny stage we were faced with. It taught me to be flexible and able to adapt quickly and effortlessly. Both of these are challenges you face as a professional dancer, and definitely challenges that I have faced in my experience dancing in New York.  Montage truly gave me the kind of experience you can't find anywhere else.  I was a part of Montage for 4 years. That's 4 years of the best kind of practice you can find! Being a part of this group is so special and plays such a large role in why I have come as far as I have. It made my transition from student to working professional seamless, because to a certain degree, I already knew what to expect. But I think my favorite part about Montage was the life long friends I have made. Almost ALL of my best friends in this performing group are now here in New York with me. I run into them at dance classes around the city, at Broadway shows, in auditions, even just walking down the street! It's amazing to see that we all have made it here, are working, and are loving it. When the conversation starts rolling we all can always agree on the fact that we wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for OCSA and for MONTAGE. Thank you Cindy Peca and Ralph Opacic for the experience of a lifetime!

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Brooke Averi - Class of 2011
Anna Belmer - Class of 2013

Anna Belmer - Class of 2013

When I think back on my days at the Orange County School of the Arts, I think of MONTAGE! Coming into high school, I was not sure where I would find my place.

Having performed since I was young, I knew that I would connect with my peers in the Music and Theater conservatory, but what I didn’t know was that I would find a home in an industrially lit rehearsal room on my otherwise free Friday afternoons. I auditioned for MONTAGE! at the end of my freshman year and, to my excitement, was accepted to join the group the following August. I started my MONTAGE! career learning the ropes, figuring out how to hold complex harmonies and present myself professionally on stage. Throughout the next three years, the things MONTAGE! taught me stretched beyond my time holding a microphone. 

From the MONTAGE! Creative Team, down to each dancer, vocalist, instrumentalist, and production assistant, each person involved brought something valuable and unique to the family. Through this performing group, I learned how to connect with people, how to learn from my mistakes, how to manage my time, how to speak in front of small groups of donors and audiences of thousands; the list is simply endless. MONTAGE! means so much more than performance opportunities. It means the encouragement of growth in a personal and professional way. It means instilling skills in students that can be applied on the stage, in the classroom, and far beyond high school. It means discovering a sense of self-confidence and worth that stays with you for the rest of your life. I firmly believe I am who I am because of the people I met and the experiences I was lucky enough to find in this special group.

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Andrew Cedar - Class of 2009

I can without question say that OCHSA provided me with a positive and inspiring environment for learning both in the classroom, and in my art. As a musician in the Jazz Studies program, I was driven to achieve my goals by both my teachers and fellow peers.

 OCHSA beyond prepared me for my time at UCLA and set me on a path toward a career in music. To this day I am thankful for the opportunities OCHSA gave me, and for my time spent there surrounded by both amazing teachers and students who I still remain close with since graduating in 2009

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Andrew Cedar - Class of 2009
Lauren Chong - Class of 2013

Lauren Chong - Class of 2013

My MONTAGE! family constantly inspired and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Since the group is comprised of students from various conservatories, there are numerous opportunities to collaborate and a willingness to embrace creativity.

Whether it’s exploring a new dance style or experimenting with a concept, MONTAGE! students thrive off of a mutual passion to entertain. 

Throughout my experience, MONTAGE! taught me the importance of fostering an uplifting environment to plunge wholeheartedly into the creative process. Since we performed for a variety of organizations, I learned how critical it is to understand who the audience is and the purpose of the occasion in order to adapt the performance for their enjoyment. In that regard, MONTAGE! prepared me to take on the role of Creative Director for Pepperdine University’s dance company because it engrained key qualities within us students, such as a commitment to excellence and professionalism. Now that I have the opportunity to cast a vision for Pepperdine’s company, I often refer back to my experience in MONTAGE! It trained me to trust in a collective vision, celebrate other students’ talents and advocate for the arts both on and off the stage.

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Megan Cutler - Class of 2011

Being a member of Montage throughout my time at the Orange County School of the Arts taught me the skills that advanced my career quicker than I could have imagined.

As a dancer, learning to work with singers and musicians in putting together a show is priceless knowledge that can only be gained by experience. Right now as I perform in several production shows everyday, there are so many elements that go into a show that if I did not learn from Montage I would not have been as knowledgable and valuable to the company I am currently working for. Knowing how to be a flexible and adaptable performer are two key ingredients to being successful in the entertainment industry. These skills were tested daily where I experienced moments of opportunity to grow as well as moments of pure bliss that made my high school experience. I am thankful for all that I learned and achieved throughout my time in Montage and I would not be where I am today in my career if I had not had the opportunity to grow and develop under the direction of such amazing mentors!

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Megan Cutler - Class of 2011
Adam Levy - Class of 2013

Adam Levy - Class of 2013

Being a part of the MONTAGE! community taught me so much about performing. I learned how to interact with audiences, how to exude confidence and enthusiasm, and most importantly, how to stand up straight!

 Every Friday was an absolute gift. We would spend the afternoon learning our newest pop song, and then we'd get to watch it transform as we added the element of dance. There is something so inspiring about being in a room with individuals whose talents differ from yours; you learn from one another and together you create art that moves people and takes them on a journey. Cindy Peca-Dolan and the MONTAGE! creative team are truly one-of-a-kind. Cindy is a pro at encouraging talent and transforming young artists into true performers. Her positivity, warmth, and dedication to MONTAGE! make it the prestigious group that it is today. The friends that I made in MONTAGE! are still a huge part of my life today and not a day goes by when I don't miss being in that room with those wonderful people. 

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Michael Montgomery - Class of 2006

Everything I strive to be and possess within myself is a product of the love and amazing guidance that I recieved from working with MONTAGE!. I will never forget or take for granted the love and neutering environment that I experienced during my time at OCHSA.

Michael Montgomery - Class of 2006
Dalen O'Dell - Class of 2016

Dalen O'Dell - Class of 2016

Montage has taught me a plethora of things in preparation for the professional world including strengthening my performance and work ethic. Montage became not only an environment that pushed me out of my comfort zone to grow in the best ways possible, but also became a welcoming atmosphere that always made me feel excited to perform.

The family and team-mindset that Montage has, has ultimately taught me that gratitude speaks louder than any performance, and it is the experience of doing what you love with your peers that really makes it worth it.

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Katie Perry - Class of 2011

I had the pleasure of being in MONTAGE! for four years while I attended the Orange County High School of the Arts. Being a member of MONTAGE! gave me the tools I needed to succeed in a university musical theater program, in professional performing jobs, and in life.

My experience under Cindy Peca’s artistic, effective, and caring leadership sharpened my performance skills, and made me smarter, directable, and easily adaptable. Because of MONTAGE!, I had exposure to the “real world” and made connections with successful alumni performers and leaders in the arts industry. Many of these people are still giving me opportunities and helping me in my career and pursuits today. As a member of this fast paced, artistic, special, family-oriented group, I felt my abilities as a performer and a person were valued and trusted, allowing me to believe in myself as well.


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Katie Perry - Class of 2011
Madi Wackerman - Class of 2013

Madi Wackerman - Class of 2013

MONTAGE! is a place where students come to grow artistically and personally in preparation for the future, whatever their path may be. In addition to developing their art, this group gives students the professional and social skills to succeed in life.

Thanks to the creative team consisting of top professionals in their fields, I can specifically attribute my success as a vocalist, both in my musicality and performance, to the lessons I learned during my time in this performance group. However, these lessons, rehearsals, and events taught me so much more than simply how to be a better singer. Each lesson I learned translated into another aspect of my life that helped me grow as an individual. The confidence I needed to be captivating onstage translated into the confidence I had in everyday life. The necessity to find songs that showcased my voice taught me how to embrace my unique capabilities with positivity. Yet, the different shows, themes and genres of this group expanded my horizons and pushed me to grow to places I never thought were possible. The exposure to different art fields also broadens students’ vision to the many different jobs available and necessary in the entertainment world. MONTAGE! taught me to respect and appreciate the other career paths involved in the entertainment world that are otherwise not onstage. Because of this, I will be graduating with honors from UC Berkeley in Spring 2017 with a double major in Theater and Music to purse a career as a professional director. The skills I attained in this group helped me throughout my time in college and I know they will carry me throughout my life. Like stated in the name, MONTAGE! is a collection of individuals rather than homogeneity. I would not have become the individual I am today had it not been for this family of mentors, peers and artists of MONTAGE!.

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