The Commercial Music Program at the Orange County School of the Arts provides a nurturing and empowering environment for passionate and talented students, promoting musical creativity, collaboration, and innovation in the music industry. Students learn the art and craft of music performance, production, and creation through a detailed curriculum and with state-of-the-art technology.

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  • Music Theory
    Levels I-III
  • Primary Instrument Classes
    Voice, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, & Drums
  • Secondary Instrument Classes
    Voice, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, & Drums
  • Stage Performance
    Levels I-II
  • Recording Classes
    Recording I, II, Advanced Recording Techniques
  • Film and Game Scoring
  • Songwriting Classes
    Beginning & Advanced Levels
  • Arranging Classes
    Levels I-II
  • Music Business & Media
  • Rock Ensemble
    Concert Preparation


  • Rachel St. Marseille
    Coordinator, Commercial Music Program
  • Joey Ancona
    Stage Performance I/II
  • Calvin Anderson
    Guitar I/II
  • Reggie Ashley
    Songwriting I, Film & Game Scoring, Music Business & Media, Rock Ensemble
  • Baba Elefante
    Bass I/II
  • Ron Kobayashi
    Keyboard I/II
  • Dr. Richard Niles
    Advanced Songwriting
  • Scott Ragotskie
    Recording I/II, Advanced Recording Techniques
  • Tony Torres
    Drum Lab I/II, Rock Ensemble
  • Riley Wilson
    Music Theory III, Arranging II