Welcome to the beautiful new webpage for the Classical and Contemporary Dance Conservatory at OCSA. My hope is for this site to be a hub featuring the stunning beauty of CCD’s featured art forms while highlighting the successes of our students, alumni, and faculty. In addition, information on the outstanding caliber of faculty, guest master teachers and choreographers, and the varied experiences and opportunities our students enjoy, will be available to peruse at your leisure.


Steven B. Hyde


CCD is a conservatory where dancers seeking a specified focus in ballet, modern, and choreography composition will flourish. Our dancers learn and refine skills necessary for careers in dance and graduate with the knowledge and understanding of what is involved in pursuing careers in dance.

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All-For-One donation includes the following:

$ 150  - Industry Professional Experience *
Contribution for Artist in Residence, Master Classes, Workshops, Hospitality 

 $ 175 - Winter Concert & Exclusive DVD/Photo Packet *
Contribution for Production Fee; only opportunity for DVD/Photo Packet

 $ 175 - Spring Concert & Exclusive DVD/Photo Packet *
Contribution for Production Fee; only opportunity for DVD/Photo Packet

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding these donations, feel free to contact Steven B. Hyde confidentially at 714-560-0900, ext. 6766 or by email at: steven.hyde@ocsarts.net.

The Orange County School of the Arts is organized as a non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3) our Tax ID is 33-0891574.
All cash donations are fully tax deductible as provided by law.

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* Your donation, minus the fair market value (FMV) of the goods and services you receive, is tax deductible per IRS guidelines.  However, we encourage you to work closely with your tax advisor to determine your donations eligibility for a tax deduction.

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 Tax Deduction

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If each donation is made separately:

Industry Professional Experience




Winter Concert & Exclusive DVD/Photo Packet




Spring Concert & Exclusive DVD/Photo Packet 




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Master Class with Desmond Richardson - Complexions

Master Class with Nicolas Blanc - Joffrey Ballet


Q: Why is the Parent Funding Agreement so important?

A: The PFA is the donation* each family pledges to the Conservatory. Your pledges help support all aspects of the Conservatory program. It pays for the ingredients and food needed for a robust cooking program, maintenance of appliances, new equipment, instructor salaries, master chef fees and extracurricular activities. 

The 2016-2017 Budget Overview:

  • $236,500 supports 55 students in the program
  • PFA Pledge: $234.475, or 99% of budget
  • Expected Fallout (Unfulfilled Pledges): $39,861 
  • Current actual budget: $194,614, or 82% of total budget

*Donations are tax deductible. 

What's the rehearsal schedule? Team Up to the rescue!

Stay informed of CCD’s rehearsal schedule through “Team Up”. Using Team Up has reduced the chances of miscommunicating schedule changes and updates in real time. No more checking several different places for the rehearsal schedule. It’s all in one convenient place.