Sorry, but we are full to capacity, but we are accepting waitlist requests at this time.

Also, one-way day passes will no longer be available for purchase.

Los Alamitos/Rush Park area Yellow School Bus

A "traditional" parent-paid Yellow School Bus is available from/to the Los Alamitos/Rush Park area. 

For lost items, please contact Durham Transportation at 714-542-8989 or after hours at 213-276-2227.

Pricing for the 2019-2020 School Year
~ One-pay or 5/10-month Installment payment options are available ~
Annual Round-Trip $2,400
Annual One-Way (Must choose AM or PM) $1,200
Semester Round-Trip $1,200
Semester One-Way (Must choose AM or PM) $610
One-Way Pass (To/From) $10 / Trip *

* Paid upon usage - Passes are available at the OCSA 1st floor reception desk on a space available basis only.

Select Read More to view the Parent Paid Transportation Contract:

Parent Paid Transportation Contract

All costs associated with this program will be based on the total number of students riding the buses. The exact cost of the program can only be determined when we have determined the total of bus riders. This process is completed at the beginning of each school year.

The more students who participate in the program, the lower the annual costs are for each family. Based on prior years of ridership the approximate cost per student for a annual round trip pass is $2,400. Depending on the total number of students riding, the actual cost may be higher or lower.

If you wish, you may pay the amount in full at the beginning of the school year, or depending in the pass selected, you may pay in 5/10-monthly instalments.  However, I understand that I am making a one school year, or 1/2 school year, commitment to participate in this parent-paid transportation program and recognized that should the number of participants increase or decrease, my expenses may be adjusted accordingly.

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Student's Bus Rules of Conduct

The following “Rules of Conduct” must be adhered to be each student riding the bus:

  • A valid OCSA School Bus Pass must be presented to the driver upon boarding or upon request.
  • Bus passes are non-transferable and are required to be shown daily.
  • Be considerate of the property at and near the loading areas.
  • Line up in an orderly manner on the curb in preparation for boarding the bus.
  • Take seats quietly without pushing or shoving.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
  • Remain seated at all times.
  • Talk quietly and in a respectful manner – no obscene or inappropriate language.
  • Keep hands, feet, and all objects to self.
  • Do not tamper with or damage bus seats or equipment.
  • Leave bus quietly and carefully. Keep away from the side of the bus as it departs.  

If you have any having questions about the OCSA's school bus program, please contact Shanna Goulden at or call 714-560-0900, ext. 3264.

Please contact Durham directly at (714)542-8989 or (213)276-2227 (after hours) for any lost items.

OCSA Bus Pick-Up & Drop-off Schedule

OCSA Durham School Bus [1]
Bus Pick-Up & Drop-Off Schedules

In an effort to keep our buses on schedule we ask that you please drop your students off at least 5 minutes before departure.

From / To






Los Alamitos
Rush Park

Rush Park

Parking Lot

6:45 AM

7:55 AM

7th & 8th
3:35 PM

4:30 PM

9th - 12th
4:55 PM

6:00 PM

Short Days

1:40 PM

Short Days

2:40 PM

* All school buses load/unload from the 10th St. bus staging area, all riders are required to show a current OCSA School Bus Pass upon boarding


[1] Durham School Services is a nation-wide provider of student transportation to numerous school districts including the Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and the Newport-Mesa Unified School Districts.

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OCSA School Bus Pass Purchase Information

Bus passes purchased now through July 31, 2019 will be available for pick up starting Tuesday, August 13th from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm from the 2nd Floor Book Room in the Tower [next to the cafeteria].

Students will be able to ride the bus without a pass during the first week of school. Everyone should have picked up their passes by the end of the week, and will need them to board the bus starting Monday, August 20th.