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OCSA Parent Support Organization (PSO)
Scrip Program (OCash) 
Terms and Conditions

Each purchase of OCSA OCash scrip constitutes an agreement to the terms and conditions set forth by OCSA PSO, Great Lakes Scrip Center, or, and/or their representatives.

  • All rebates generated by Great Lakes Scrip Center / resulting from your direct purchase of shopping scrip become the property of PSO.  You may however; request PSO to use one the following distribution methods for rebates generated from your purchases of scrip:

    Method 1: Apply 75% of the rebate to the Parent Funding Agreement (PFA), and rollover any year-end credit balances to next years’ PFA as is applicable.  The remaining 25% of the rebate will be used to benefit the school’s academic programs as directed by PSO.

    Method 2: 100% of the Rebate generated remains in the PSO General Fund to be used in support of OCSA as determined by PSO.  NOTE: If a distribution method is not selected this distribution method is used.
  • Distributions, once generated by the PSO, cannot be changed.
  • Scrip distributions are based on a July 1st  – June 30th fiscal year.
  • If a student leaves OCSA, any credit balance from Scrip will remain property of OCSA PSO.
  • Once Scrip gift cards are distributed to your family, they become your personal property and OCSA/OCSA PSO cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen cards.
  • All funds raised through the OCSA PSO Scrip program become property of OCSA PSO and cannot be refunded to you or retailers.
  • Retroactive credits to 100% fulfilled PFA’s cannot be made for any scrip purchases.
  • OCSA Scrip funds are recognized as a rebate from a third-party organization and may not be redeemed for cash.
  • OCSA Scrip purchases or rebates are not considered charitable donations.
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