Uniform/Tools/Textbook Reimbursements 2020-2021

Student Uniform/Tools/Textbook Ordering Form (Excel)
This worksheet s to be used to calculate your purchases as well as a copy for Chef Mattos to place accurate orders. Please download this form, fill it out completely. Save and print the form. To complete your purchase enter your "Total Cost" into the payment form below.

Knife Kit Details (PDF)
This document details the contents of the knife kit.

If you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Chef Daniel Mattos at 714-560-0900, ext. 6650 or by email at: daniel.mattos@ocsarts.net.

Sorry, online payment/donation processing is temporarily disabled.  We are in the process of transitioning to another payment processor. 

Please check back around Jan 25th!

However, if you wish to make a payment now, you can mail your payment to:

Business Office
1010 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA  92701

Please feel free to contact Becky Parsons at 714-560-0900, ext. 5535. via e-mail at becky.parsons@ocsarts.net with any questions or comments.