About Watch What Happens OCSA

About Watch What Happens OCSA

Watch What Happens OCSA (WWHO) is an entirely student-run web series that highlights student life at Orange County School of the Arts. The web series presents student and staff interviews, games, skits, and accessible information about upcoming campus events. WWHO seeks to inspire students outside of OCSA, giving them a taste of what the school is all about. This web series serves as an outlet to unify the student body from different grades and conservatories, as well as opening an avenue for more students to have input and impact within the OCSA community.


Donate Now!

As a new club, we are lacking certain materials and equipment that would greatly enhance the quality and overall professionalism of our production. We would be grateful for you to consider making a donation to our club.

We are eager to develop an ongoing relationship with supporting entities and look forward to doing great work for our school and our community at large. If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact our faculty advisor, Julia Gutierrez at julia.gutierrez@ocsarts.net.

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