Student and Alumni Stories

Thirty competitors from the OCSA Ballroom Dance Conservatory participated in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) 2019 West Coast Junior Olympic Games for DanceSport. OCSA won the Top Studio Award at this prestigious competition. 

2019 OCSA Junior Olympic Team: Alexander Powlowsky (BR, '19), Aurelia Philmore (BR, '24), Benjamin Chauchereau (BR, '20), Chloe Savage (BR, '24), Colton McCann (BR, '22), Constantin Chekardzhikov (BR, '24), Daniel Cho (BR, '22), Dylana LeDuc (BR, '21), Emmeline Savage (BR, '22), Eva Mazzara (BR, '23), Gabriel Cho (BR, '24), Gavin Coyne (BR, '23), Grace Kim (BR, '22), Hayden Lalicker (BR, '19), Hector Rodriguez (BR, '19), Isaac Reynoso (BR, '20), Isabella Sanchez (BR, '24), Isaiah Sanchez (BR, '23), Jaidyn Johns (BR, '24), Jaquelyn Borcea (BR, '20), Jericho Tran-Faypon (BR, '22), Jude Camaya (BR, '23), Lauren Sung (BR, '21), Lucas McCollum-VanHoosear (BR, '22), Meghan Reardon (BR, '24), Natalia Huizar (BR, '21), Natalia Linn (BR, '22), Paolo de Lancellotti (BR, '23), Samuel Flores (BR, '21), Zoe Leblanc (BR, '21).

Junior Olympic Ambassadors:
Jaquelyn Borcea (BR, ’20), Benjamin Chauchereau (BR, ’20), Natalia Huizar (BR, ’21), Dylana LeDuc (BR, ’21), Lauren Sung (BR, ’21)

Hana Uehara (BR, ‘23) was recognized as a semifinalist in The Music Center’s 33rd Annual Spotlight Program. Spotlight is a nationally acclaimed arts training and scholarship program for teens that awards more than $100,000 in cash scholarships annually. Semifinalists have the opportunity to attend a special master class in their discipline with highly regarded artists who share their expertise on performance technique, training, and professional life. Each semifinalist will virtually audition once more, and the top two finalist performers in each category will be selected for a total of 14 Grand Prize Finalists.

Jacqueline Artinian (BR, '22) and Lucas McCollum-VanHoosear (BR, '22) received the Open Amateur Under 21 Scholarship in the American Smooth category at the Elite Dancesport Competition.

The following Ballroom Conservatory students received combined 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th place awards at the Elite Dancesport competition.

Rafael Cabanas (BR, ‘27)
Presley Herthel (BR, ‘26)
Jack Hillebrect (BR, ‘26)
Marina Pitt (BR, ‘26)

Hana Uehara (BR, ‘23) was accepted into Harvard University's Summer Pre-College Program.

The following students from the Ballroom Dance Conservatory participated in the 2022 California Open DanceSport competition. Many of these students are members of the OCSA Ballroom Latin and Smooth Formation Teams, which also competed and notably received second place as well as many other awards.

Samantha Okada-Lam (BR, ‘26)
Nikolai Olive (BR, ‘27)
Nischal Patel (BR, ‘25)
Xavier Petry (BR, ‘27)
Aurelia Philmore (BR, ‘24)
Marina Pitt (BR, ‘26)
Joshua Qin (BR, ‘23)
Chloe Savage (BR, ‘24)
Emmeline Savage (BR, ‘22)
Salim Scheper-Herard (BR, ‘27)
Jessica Shen (BR, ‘27)
Ambria Shields (BR, ‘26)
Jessica Sigala (BR, ‘27)
Brody Silva (BR, ‘25)
Sean Sulit (BR, ‘24)
Jeffrey Tadeo (BR, ‘22)
Heather Torres-Cancino (BR, ‘26)
Kaylee Tran (BR, ‘27)
Jericho Tran-Faypon (BR, ‘22)
Hana Uehara (BR, ‘23)
Celeste Valadez (BR, ‘24)
Breizhlander Vidal (BR, ‘26)
Angela Wang (BR, ‘27)
Alex Williams (BR, ‘26)
Emmanuelle Weisbach (BR, ‘22)
Melissa Yan (BR, ‘23)
Selina You (BR, ‘27)
Mateo Zarate (BR, ‘22)
Cynthia Zhang (BR, ‘27)
Presley Alvarez (BR, ‘27)
Gavin Alvarez-Coyne (BR, ‘23)
Jacqueline Artinian (BR, ‘22)
Celeste Arvizu (BR, ‘25)
Hannah Ayala (BR, ‘23)
Elizabeth Bancroft (BR, ‘26)
Mario Berestetsky (BR, ‘24)
James Brown (BR, ‘27)
Jude Camaya (BR, ‘23)
Constantin Chekardzhikov (BR, ‘24)
Nathan Chen (BR, ‘26)
Daniel Cho (BR, ‘22)
Gabriel Cho (BR, ‘24)
Rafael Cabanas (BR, ‘27)
Paolo De Lancellotti (BR, ‘23)
Princeton Fletcher (BR, ‘25)
Arely Gutierrez (BR, ‘25)
Presley Herthel (BR, ‘26)
Jack Hillebrecht (BR, ‘26)
Dean Jackson (BR, ‘27)
Grace Kim (BR, ‘22)
Jared Lee (BR, ‘24)
Diego Linn (BR, ‘25)
Natalia Linn (BR, ‘22)
Sophie Ma (BR, ‘23)
Liam Majerus (BR, ‘27)
Eva Mazzara (BR, ‘23)
Lucas McCollum-Van Hoosear (BR, ‘22)


The following students participated in the Fred Astaire World Championships and received the following awards.

Amateur Championship Youth Smooth
1st Place: Jacqueline Artinian (BR, ‘22) and Lucas McCollum Van Hoosear (BR, ‘22)
2nd Place: Jude Camaya (BR, ‘23) and Meghan Reardon (BR, ‘24)

Pro-Am Open Smooth Scholarship
1st Place: Jacqueline Artinian (BR, ‘22)
2nd Place: Lucas McCollum Van Hoosear (BR, ‘22)

Youth Amateur Jr. Open Smooth Scholarship
1st Place: Jude Camaya (BR, ‘23) and Meghan Reardon (BR, ‘24)