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College Admission Checklist - Seniors


Make a list of college selection factors that reflect your goals. Rank them in order of importance.

Self-Assessment: Goal, GPA, ACT/SAT/SAT II scores

Review college requirements from websites or catalogs

Visit several colleges

Compare colleges: take notes, complete worksheet, discuss facts with parents

Develop rough draft of college essay for UC/private college admission

Have Literature/Composition teacher review essay

Students planning to apply to colleges should test no later than November

Verify a challenging senior class schedule; complete at least four academic courses

Request college information from college admission offices

Schedule fall interviews (usually with private universities)

Determine filing dates for private college admission applications

Register for college admission testing: SAT or ACT in October, SAT or SAT II in November. Be sure to meet mail deadlines if mailing registration


Request any college applications from college admission offices

Filing period for CSU schools (October 1 – November 30) and UC schools November 1-30. 

Request any needed letters of recommendation. A resume and college forms for your Academic Advisor to complete should be given to your advisor no later than November 1Ask teacher as soon as possible to write a letter of recommendation and provide them with a resume also 

REMINDER: When requesting written letters of recommendation, also provide a stamped envelope addressed to the college or university.

If necessary, contact College Board and/or ACT to request test scores to be sent to colleges to which you are making application.

Plan on applying to several colleges (4 or 5 is the general rule). It is best to apply to more than one college unless admission is not competitive. Remember that meeting admission requirements does not guarantee admission to most universities.

Take college admission tests, if needed

Begin scholarship search and apply. Remember that there are many scholarships available that do not use “need” as the sole criteria.


Continue research on scholarships and financial aid

Some colleges begin to send acceptance notices

Study for finals; keep up your grades

Mail financial aid applications in early January; money tends to become unavailable later in the school year.

Complete and mail the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible after January 1st.


More college acceptance notices are sent

Visit colleges offering you admission; make your final decision

If planning on attending a California college or university, complete and mail in the GPA Verification Form

If taking Advanced Placement courses, prepare for Advanced Placement Exams in May


Grant and Scholarship winners are announced

Notify your Academic Advisor of your college acceptance and of your scholarships/grants received

Send “thank you” notes to all who helped


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