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The best way to select a campus is to see it for yourself. One visit may tell you more that all other sources combined. The sophomore and junior years are excellent times for students and parents to tour college campuses. 

Helpful hints:

·         Visit during the week, if possible. Most colleges have overnight dormitory stays. Call in advance to make arrangements.

·         All colleges welcome visitors. With prior arrangements it is possible to:

ü Have a guided tour of the campus

ü Indicate the people with whom you would like to speak with (major department, admission, financial aid, etc.)

ü Sit in on classes you request

ü Be invited to spend the weekend on some campuses

ü Speak to students currently attending the school

·         Read the college catalog or visit the website of each campus you are considering. This will give you the background to help you ask more specific questions on your tour since you have had a basic introduction to academic requirements, course descriptions, rule and regulations, faculty credentials, admission policies, expenses, and financial aid.

·         During your visit evaluate:

ü Atmosphere of the campus

ü Library and research facilities

ü Facilities in your major department

ü Student union, dormitories

ü Extracurricular activities

ü Financial aid/Scholarships

ü Counseling services

ü Disabled student services

ü Career planning services

ü Work-study opportunities

ü Exchange student program


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