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Health Policies

Illness, Injury or Accidents at School

Any student feeling ill should inform the teacher and ask for a pass to the Health Office. Students feeling weak or faint will be accompanied to the office. If a student requires longer than a 15-minute rest, a parent will be contacted and asked to pick up the child so proper care and attention can be given at home. Parents, or a parent designee, must be available to pick a child up within 30 minutes of a call from the school. Current phone numbers MUST be updated with the school’s Student Services office at all times!

Every effort is made to provide for the student’s safety and comfort at school. If a student should have an accident or injury at school, first aid will be given immediately to make the student as comfortable as possible. If an injury is more serious than a simple bruise or a scrape, parents will be called. If parents are unavailable, and in the judgment of a school administrator, emergency treatment is needed, paramedics will be called.

Following a severe injury or illness, a note must be received from the family physician stating that the student is cleared to return to school. The physician must also order the use of wheelchairs, crutches, or other activity limitations or restrictions.

Student Health Inventory Form (Required)
This form is a required part of registration. It must be completed and returned for each school year.
Name Owner Date  
Student Health Inventory 2016-2017   John Grainger 6/6/2016 10:00:13 AM    
1-page Form. This form is a required part of re-registration/registration. Returning Students this form MUST be returned by Match 2016. New Students: This form must be returned at your New Student Enrollment meeting.
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