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Foundation Board of Directors

With development staff's input and guidance, the Foundation Board of Directors establishes fund-raising goals, manages long-term strategic planning, implements the school's capital, public relations and marketing campaigns, and oversees funding criteria. Members pay annual dues, serve on fundraising committees, attend the school's activities, and serve as ambassadors to the community-at-large.


Michal L. Mekjian, Jr.


Ralph S. Opacic, Ed.D.
 President and Executive Director

Sally Andreatta

Kevin M. Tiber

Executive Committee

Douglas F. Garn
Martin Howard
Jerry E. Mandel, Ph.D.
Maria Newkirk Fong, J.D.
Kevin Rosenberg
Scott R. Woolsey


 Missy Pace Callero
Bruce E. Chapman
Matthew K. Conover
Gary B. Conrad
Scott Emigh
Vince Foley
John Gates
Kenneth B. Gerenraich, D.P.M.
Michael Gleason
Tim Kashani
Frank Kavanaugh
Eoin L. Kreditor, J.D.
Sebastian Paul Musco
Karen Child Ogden, MA, MFT
Ron Radziminsky
Harriet Sandhu
Russell R. Stern
Stuart B. Wolfe



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