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Conservatory Overview

The Film & Television Conservatory offers a comprehensive 4-year program for students in grades 9 through 12. Classes include film and television production, editing, directing, screenwriting, audio design, cinematography, film history, industrial video production, industry prep, and documentary filmmaking. Students screen individual or collaborative work each semester (see Cineplex Film Festival).

Inter-department collaboration is highly valued and our students work with other conservatory students (including those in Musical & Theatre, Creative Writing, Visual Arts and Production & Design) to produce their films. Film & TV students are also encouraged to take academic and conservatory electives in other arts areas of interest to them (including photography, advanced screenwriting, graphic design, and animation to name a few) as these opportunities become available to them.

Mission Statement

The Film & Television Conservatory seeks to develop honorable and exceptional artists and individuals through its programs and faculty-student mentoring.  We value visual invention and curiosity, collaboration and individual expression, solid technical craftsmanship, and stories that thoughtfully explore the human condition.

We also seek to develop artists and technicians, helping students discover their own unique filmic voices while providing them practical training in industry equipment, software and protocols.  We offer students a pre-college arts program and a hands-on technical/industry preparatory education.

Special Events & Programs

Film  & Television produces, in conjunction with Student Leadership, OCSA’s live daily school news show, Art Attack Live, which broadcasts announcements to the entire school over closed-circuit television. 

Guest artists and master classes with industry professionals, as well as industry field trips, also enhance our students’ learning experience. In addition, opportunities for students to film in the community are made available through the conservatory director as they arise and through school community outreach programs.

If you have questions, feel free to contact conservatory director Aaron Orullian at

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Contact Print: Edward Colver (2012)
A look at the life and work of artist Edward Colver.

Dir. Jack Sample - 10 min.


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