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Parents Arts Council (PAC)

Focuses on creating social opportunities for parents within their child’s arts conservatory, establishes two-way communication and dialog among the school staff and parents, and encourages parent participation in marketing and fundraising activities.

PAC Mission

To promote the eleven arts conservatories to internal and external audiences through social opportunities and marketing and fundraising activities.

Purpose of PAC

To create social opportunities for parents within each conservatory to enhance parent morale.

  • Be an informational and educational entity for new and returning parents.
  • Effectively communicate the needs of the students as a whole.
  • Increase communication with the conservatory directors and their respective parent groups.
  • Provide the key parent liaisons with accurate information to share with other parents within their conservatories.
  • Assist with marketing and conservatory-related efforts.
  • Assist with the fundraising needs of each conservatory and the school at large.

For additional information, please contact the Conservatory Director.


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