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 Join NOW for the 2016-2017 School Year!

PSO Mission

  • To help provide a time and process for collaboration and sharing between parents, students, teachers and staff.
  • To help provide resources to the school in order to further enhance students' academic, artistic, physical and emotional growth.
  • To help organize OCSA parents for volunteer efforts and keep them informed.
  • To help solicit parent input into decision making on school policies.

And more. But, in a word, we help. And to succeed we really need your help. Your $20 in annual dues will help OCSA's faculty and staff make school a greater place to learn, and will help make OCSA an even greater place for students to discover themselves. Over the past several years our support has grown, with over $25,000 going back to our school. Here's a small sampling of what our organization has been able to provide: 

  • A $5,000 grant to OCSA's science department for smartboards and software
  • A set of graphing calculators for the math department
  • Documents cameras for the math and lit & comp departments
  • DVD libraries for the Social Studies and the Literature & Composition classes
  • Sound systems for the Webb and Symphony Hall Theatres

Plus, having your voice included in the efforts of OCSA's Parent Support Organization (PSO) will further strengthen the bonds of communication within our school's community and promote cooperation between family and school in meeting the needs of our students. If you're an OCSA parent or guardian, your voice belongs in the PSO.

During the school year, you'll have the opportunity to interact with your fellow OCSA parents and with OCSA staff and faculty at the monthly meetings of the PSO. You will not only keep connected to what's happening at OCSA but also have the perfect opportunity to help maximize the experience of all students during their years at OCSA.

Please look in the weekly Wednesday OCSA e-blasts for PSO updates and meeting.  Upcoming meeting dates, times and agendas will be posted in advance on the website and the PSO Facebook page. Please be sure to check our website often for any changes or the announcement of Parent Education events. Also follow us on Facebook at Orange County School of the Arts PSO to help you stay up-to-date.

If you would like more information or have a question about the Parent Support Organization, please send an email to

Thank you in advance for your support!


"Just Ask OCSA"
PSO Parent Education Blog

JustAsk OCSA is a PSO blog for parents with questions about the Orange County School of the Arts. Parents can email questions about college admissions and academics to the current PSO Education co-chair, Susan Paterno, or post questions on the blog. We’ll find an expert to answer your inquiries and post responses. It’s that easy. The identity of parents asking questions will remain anonymous. Please use the blog as a place to engage in constructive conversations about issues that affect you and your students. Click the image below to access the blog. We look forward to hearing from you.

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