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Conservatory Overview

Students in the Digital Media Conservatory (9th - 12th Grades) will be immersed in a challenging, innovative and cutting-edge environment where they will create new worlds, fantastic characters and tell stories that have never been told. 

Taking a step forward into pervasive and emerging technologies, the Digital Media Conservatory will focus on combining and expanding skills in animation, design, games and interactive technology. Students in this conservatory will build skills through immersive instruction, application of experience and critique. Students will enjoy a rigorous and thoroughly challenging curriculum that is equivalent to competitive colleges and universities.

Who should apply?
We’re not just interested in students who like to play video games and watch animation; we want students who want to make video games and animation. No experience is necessary. We will move through the technology as a team. We’re looking for someone who is interested in communicating in visual, narrative, temporal media – students who want to create new worlds and characters, and loves to tell stories.

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