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Applying to Cal State University Schools?

Important Message for Seniors Who Applied to any Cal State University Schools (CSU):

Seniors admitted to a Cal State school need to confirm their status regarding entry level for Math and English courses in their Freshman year.  “The CSU requires new students to be tested in English and Math as soon as possible after they are admitted and before enrolling at a CSU campus. The test is used to determine whether students are prepared for college work; and if they are not, to place the students in appropriate remediation courses or activities. Students may be exempt from the test if they have scored well on other specified tests or have completed appropriate courses” (CSU Mentor website).

Seniors who took the CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) along with the English Language Arts California Standard Test in grade 11 can consult their STAR results to see whether they need to take either placement exam.

The EAP score results are listed in the bottom left hand corner on the back side of the student’s 11th grade STAR test results. Scores are also available at the following link:

Seniors who do plan on attending a Cal State post-secondary institution in the fall of 2011, can visit the links below to obtain further information for the placement exams: 


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