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Pertussis Immunization Booster/Tdap
(Whooping Cough)

This is a reminder for parents about the Tdap Requirement.  Most parents should have already dealt with this at the student's current school, but our Health Office finds many who are not compliant, mostly incoming 7th graders.

California Law, Assembly Bill 354, requires students to be vaccinated against whooping cough.  All incoming new students are required to show proof of having received a Tdap immunization.

By law, students who have not submitted proof to the school of their record of immunization, by the start of school, will not be able to attend school until documentation/waiver is submitted.

For questions or clarification, please email OCSA’s Health personnel at

More detailed information about Tdap:

A new school immunization law requires all students entering 7th through 12th grades in California to be immunized with a pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine booster called Tdap. 

The new law states that in order to begin school, each student must have a Tdap booster on or after their 10th birthday AND the school must have must have a "Notice of Tdap Boster Requiremt" form, OR a copy of your immunization record with current Tdap, on file for each student.

Parents are also encouraged to contact their doctor’s office for further clarification and/or confirmation as to whether their child has had the booster. Please do NOT contact OCSA’s Health Office for more information or to confirm students’ immunization records.

Please Note: * Waiver forms for the booster need to be completed in OCSA's Health Office.  Waiver forms cannot be downloaded from any website or mailed, as the signature must be witnessed by the Health Office.

Please visit the following California Department of Public Health (CDPH) links for more information:

Immunizations may be given by your family physician or are available at area clinics. Call the clinics for information regarding days, times, fees, and appointments.  Information on vaccination clinics can be found at the following links:

Orange County

Los Angeles County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

San Diego County

Updated: 07/20/2016


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