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Stock/Securities Donations

Donors wishing to make a donation of stock to OCSA can transfer the stock directly via your own broker.  If you don't have a broker, as in the case of some of the on-line trading accounts, you can look for a "stock transfer form" on your accounts web site.  This is an example of a form used by E*Trade titled: “Transfer stock or cash to a charitable organization”.

You will need to provide, OCSA’s account and DTC number to your Broker, along with an "Authorization for Transfer of Gift Securities", in order to start the transfer. However, if the stock gift is in the form of a stock certificate registered in your name, an "Authorization for Transfer of Gift Securities" must be presented along with the your stock certificate.

For this information, or assistance with your stock transfer, please contact:

Joyce Christensen 
OCSA Business Office
Orange County School of the Arts
1010 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA  92701
Phone: 714-560-0900, ext. 6716
Fax: 714-664-0463


Frequently Asked Questions:

Once the stock is transferred to OCSA’s account when is the stock sold?  
It is our policy to sell the stock on the same/next trading day.

Can a donor designate a specific program for a stock transfer?
Yes, stock donations can be designated the same way as any cash donation.

Once the stock is sold how long does it take OCSA to receive the funds?
Once a stock is sold a check for the net proceeds (actual sale price minus the sales fee) will be sent to OCSA in about 7-10 days.

What amount can a donor take as a tax deduction?
The donor receives a total charitable contribution for the average or median value of the HIGH and the LOW of the stock on the day that it was transferred to OCSA.  Example: If the average price per share was $10.00, and 100 shares were donated, the total value of the donation to OCSA would be $1,000.00.

If a stock is donated to us to satisfy an existing pledge, such as a Parent Funding Agreement, what dollar amount is credited to the pledge?
The total value of the donation, as seen in the example above, is the amount that would be applied to the pledge.

What about the brokerage fee?  Is this deducted from the amount before it is credited to the pledge?
A: No, the donor is credited for the full value of the donation as seen in the above example. 

What if the stock is sold at higher or lower price than the average price that was credited to a pledge?  Do we adjust the amount that is credited to a pledge?
No, the donor is credited for the value of the donation as seen in the above example.

What is the benefit of a stock donation from a donor’s perspective?
Basically, you avoid paying taxes on the appreciated value of the donated stock.  See a "Motley Fool" article here if you what to know more, or contact a tax adviser.

What IRS publications cover the donation of property including stock?

See IRS Publication 561, "Determining the Value of Donated Property", for how to determine the “Fair Market Value” of a donated stock.  Also see IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, for a general decision of charitable contributions. 

These are the links to the publications:


IRS 561

IRS 526


IRS 561

IRS 526

For additional IRS information
on charitable contributions click here

A gift to the Orange County School of the Arts is a gift to much more than youth, arts and academics, as important than they are.  It is an investment in the very best of public education.  At a time when arts education has been virtually eliminated from traditional high schools, the Orange County School of the Arts conservatory programs have never been more important. 

An accredited public charter school, the Orange County School of the Arts receives money from the State of California to fund its top-ranking academic program.  However, the school relies solely on the generosity of individual donors, the business community, and foundations to fund the eleven pre-professional arts conservatories.

For additional information, please contact Cathy Michaels at or 714.560.0900 Ext. 5532.


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